Monday, January 14, 2013

Bibleing Take 2: The Convention Center

Well, it's been a week since our announcement about Austin's goal of reading the New Testament this year, and of our plans of building a school in the next few months!
We'd like to send out a huge thank you to all of you who have already responded to our need by donating! May God Bless you for your sacrifice. We are so very thankful!
(And also very excited to get started on building!)
Every now and then I just sigh, thinking about the future, when on every Wednesday and Friday after school, we won't have to pack up everything in the sanctuary to transform it from "school" to "church".
And then I sigh again to think that when Monday mornings come along, Beth and I won't need to worry about if all the tables, computers, and chairs are in place for school... Ahhh... :))
I do have daydreams about building a permanent school. Haha. ;P
But then I think to myself, "Wait, Nicole, if you aren't having to constantly take down the school and set up the church, then where oh where will you get your exercise from??"
...Now you all know the secret to keeping your weight down-- start a school in a double-use location. Hahaha.
I will gladly sacrifice my "exercise" for a permanent school... Hands down, no question!
 I mean really, folding up long tables is a dangerous job!
--I won't even tell you guys about the time I was packing up tables by myself, and tripped while lugging one of them off to storage, and fell flat on my face on top of the table......--much less show you pictures!
Hahaaha-- I actually don't have pictures (bummer), but that really did happen (double bummer)!! Hahahaa :)))) Thankfully I was alone and no one witnessed my embarrassing little accident.... Though I was sure to jump up real quick and check to make sure that I really was alone and that no one was lurking around, watching my escapade! :D
But that's all besides the point, and a bit off topic!
Let's get down to business, shall we?
We went Bibleing!
And where did we go?
The Convention Center!
--Very unromantic sounding, I know. The place needs a different name. Its name definitely does not match its beauty. I guess to make it sound a little better we can call it by its Spanish name, "Centro de Convenciones"... Everything sounds more beautiful in Spanish, right? :))
And here is the young man that is making this fundraiser go 'round. :))
Here is Austin's recording for this week-- Matthew 10:5-15.
I'm so proud of him! He amazes me with how far he has come in his reading...
And, believe it or not, this was the first take!
(For some reason Blogger isn't letting me put the widget on the post.... So here's the link that will take you to the recording!)
Thank you all for tuning in to Bibleing with Austin! ;)
We'll see you next week with more pictures and another recording of Austin reading!

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