Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunday With the Garcias

We had an awesome service on Sunday...
The wife of one of the men that built our house got the Holy Ghost. She's been coming for a little over a year now, but she never really was serious, I think she just came b/c the rest of her family was. But when Bro. Mario told everyone that wanted the Holy Ghost to come up, she did. Bro. Mario told everyone to raise their hands and repent of their sins and ask God to fill them and as soon as she lifted her hands she was talking in tongues.
Also, there was a young man that came that had been working earlier on Sunday and had stepped on a part of a cement roof that was not dried yet. One leg fell through and the other leg stayed up. It's a little confusing, but he looked like he was in a lot of pain. He couldn't walk by himself, his dad had to carry him.
Well, he too came up during the altar call. His dad had to hold him up, but he got the Holy Ghost! It was so exciting!
Actually, Israel (the other guy that built our house) has been inviting his family to church. All of his brothers and sisters were there on Sunday with their kids and some of their spouses. Bro. Dad has been preaching about God saving whole families and Israel has really latched on to this concept. So much so that we don't fit in our church anymore. :( and :)

About 20 people came up seeking the Holy Ghost.

The lady in the blue sweater and the young man next to her in the black sweater are the ones that got the Holy Ghost.

All of the people that you can see in this picture, except for one, are somehow related to Israel and Armando (the builders).

Bro. Juan (the man that teaches our Friday youth services) works with this lady's husband and invited him and his family-his wife, 3 kids and his wife's brother-to church. They are in the middle of deciding if they want to be Jehovah's Witness or APOSTOLIC. Actually, the family wants to come to our church (they say it is more lively-ha!), but the husband is still on the fence. They've been coming for about 2 months now, but this was the first time that any of them really responded. It was so sweet to watch this lady; she just cried and cried.

Israel's sister's boys were really touched.

There really are no words to express how much we love and appreciate Bro. Mario and his family. We are so grateful to them for the example they are to our people of how a family should love God and strive to please Him everyday. Bro Mario is a huge help to Elder Wakefield, sometimes I wonder where we would be today if God had not put the Garcias and the Wakefields together.
So...Thank you to Bro. Mario, Sis. Hayde, and Abner for the blessing you guys were to Tabernaculo de Victoria this past Sunday!


The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...

Thank God for revival in Puebla!!
It is sooooo exciting to see all of the people receiving the Holy Ghost. It would be awesome if you had to find a BIGGER church!!!

Love & Prayers,
Sis. K.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Bethanario!! (I'm still on El Roll de Espanol!!) Como esta? Estoy bien, Gracias. Yo tangoed feliz que tu puedes hablar con mi chica, Aubrey, a few dias ago. Ella was feliz tambien! HA! Yo feel como una chica en la grada de PRIMERO! Yo estoy doing mi besto! JA! JA! JA! Anyway, It was muy bueno looking at tu fotografias de la jente en la iglesia. Ay! Mi corazon! Que bueno! Hoy es la dia de uno-zero-ocho till Aubrey es marridado. Ella tiene mucha excitedia!! OK! Yo nesesario a vente... (Una grande Chai Tea??)
Te Amo MUCHO MUCHA MUCHI!! Tu Tia, La Raina Suprema, Darlene~~
Todo full of dog doodoo-O....

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