Friday, February 19, 2010

A Good Bedtime Prayer

Tonight after youth service I was talking to Ismael about getting the Holy Ghost. I asked him how he felt when he got filled, what it was like, if he was happy, and so on.
His older sister then told me that when they got home Sunday night after church, everyone was getting ready for bed, and Bro. Israel went into Ismael's room (his son) to talk to him about what had happened to him. Before leaving Ismael's room, Israel knelt to pray with his son, and the Holy Ghost fell! Ismael and his dad started talking in tongues right there in his room.
I loved hearing this!!
And [the Wakefields] said to God, “Oh, that Ismael might live before You!” 
                                                                             Gen. 17:18 (Bethany's Version)


Anonymous said...

That is so precious!! These are the things that make living without flooring,doors on the bedrooms,dust dust and more dust,cement walls seems like nothing. To see God change a life and give eternal life makes it all worth it. I love you and Niki and love seeing you so concerned about the people in your church.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Aunt Beth!! That is SO awesome!
Love, Aunt Darlene~~

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