Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ode to Gramma

The birf-day girl!

Happy Birthday to Youuuuu!
Surprise! (I love Gramma's facial expressions!! :))
Austin drew in Grampa's car dust. You can see it says, "Austin FBI, CIA, RIS". I asked him what RIS meant. He said, "Those people who tax other people and take their money. You know, the IRS..."

I told him I wanted a picture of him by his writing. He said he would do his 'criminal pose':
Well...I can't end Gramma's birthday post without getting sappy and making myself cry so......
  Thank you, Gramma for being such a wonderful, godly grandma. You are a shining example to all of us. I know all of your grandkids love you a lot, but me, Nicole, and Austin definitely got the better part of the deal - we get to be missionaries to Mexico with you and Grampa. We get to see you whenever we want, go to each other's churches, and once in a while hear those funny and sometimes tear-jerker missionary/pastor stories. But most importantly, we get to see you and Grampa live out God's will by giving your very lives to the people down here. We are definitely the most priviledged grandkids of the Wakefield family.
  There are no words to tell how grateful I am for you and the heritage you and Grampa have passed down to us. I can and DO say with pride (Lord, forgive me...), "my grandparents are Glenn and Esther Wakefield, ". *sssniiiiifffffff*
So, to you, my Gramma and hero, I hope you enjoy your birthday week. And to Grampa, my other hero...Don't let anyone forget that this is Gramma's birthday *week*.  :)

May God give Sis. Wakefield allll the desires of her heart. We all know she deserves 'em.


Kathy McElhaney said...

Happy, happy birthday, Sis. Wakefield!

What a lovely tribute, Bethany.

Anonymous said...

Bethas, you made me cry !!! Thank you for being so sweet. I love you all too !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Bethany,
What a sweetie!! You really know how to lay it on!! So when its true, ITS EXTRA THICK!! HA! I think you guys are lucky to have the SANE voice of your Grama Wakefield, in a world FULL of NUT JOBS... Man! I am hearing a bit of resentfulness in my own voice... HA! Love you Beth,
AND MANY MORE.... To Grama Wakefield!

Sis. DeAro said...

Bethany, Such a beautiful post to a God-fearing, fun-loving and precious woman of God! Please tell her, "Happy Birthday" from the DeAro Family! We can't wait to be with you all in a few more weeks. :)

Anonymous said...

Sis. DeAro,
You said, "WE can't wait to be with you..." Does this mean YOU are coming...or your churrin'?? That would be soooo cool if you could come w/ Bro. DeAro.
But, YES!! We too are SO excited...
We are going to have some AWESOME services!
Love you guys...

Anonymous said...

Yay!! That is SOOO exciting!! We're going to have so much fun...


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