Saturday, February 27, 2010

Work Day at Tabernaculo de Victoria

Here's some pictures of the guys cementing the church patio. I was having a little trouble trying to get all of them in order, it might be a little confusing. 
The guys arrived at 8am and didn't get finished until about 8pm. This was some HARD WORK that they did. It's a wonder they can even stand up straight with all the bending over and smoothing the cement that they did. 

Just getting started...
We had to get a truck load of 'river sand' delivered. 
The guys had to knock out a wall b/c last year when we were building the house on top, they had to put this pillar in front of the girls' bathroom. Thank goodness, we'll have 2 bathrooms now!
Delivering the cement...
We were all standing around outside when Austin comes riding up in front of the church with Jorge, one of the young men from church. We didn't even know he had left, and Austin told us later they had ridden up part of the mini mountain behind our house. It was his first ride on a motorcycle, he was so excited!

Filling the wheel barrel...

...wheeling it in...

...and pouring it out. 
 Austin ''having church'' on top the dirt pile. 

Gramma painting inside the house. 
Halfway done!
Then the gas guys came...
Making MORE cement...
Getting ready to pour the sidewalk. 
Playing in the dirt...

Smoothing the cement.

Making the sidewalk with all the little side line details.

Gramma and I watching the guys work and sitting in the warm sun.

Our neighbor's dumb dog came running across the fresh cement. I guess that's what we get for giving him chicken bones earlier...
Lunch time!
Making the wavy 'no-slip' lines. 
Austin and Edi. 
The ladies of the church working. 
Austin relaxing. 

Nicole working. 

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