Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our First Youth Service

Elder Wakefield's assistant pastor's brother (Irvin Garcia), who pastors in Mexico City came over to Puebla to preach our youth service. It was so good! 
Bro. Dad, Hno. Mario, and his brother Isai. 
We had a FULL house. 
At the end, Hno. Irvin invited all the young people that hadn't yet gotten the Holy Ghost to come up front. About 8 kids went up. Then the the adults came up behind them and we started to pray...

And Erica got the Holy Ghost, and...

Daniela got the Holy Ghost, and...
...This young man got the Holy Ghost!! (I can't remember his name).

This lady's son, David, was first invited to church by Eduardo about 3 months ago. He came faithfully for about a month, then we didn't see him for a few weeks. Then he showed up last Sunday and cried and prayed in the altar. On Friday his mom and 2 siblings showed up. She was sooo close to getting the Holy Ghost, hopefully she comes back to church today.

Isai playing at alter call, then...

Shout, shout, shout...

...shout, shout, shout!!
We had a gooood time!
After the service we filled the baptistery and Eduardo,

and Erica,

and Ismael,


and Veronica,

and Alejandro,

and his brother got baptized in JESUS name!!

Then we hung out and ate nachos. 

THEN...after everyone left, Hno. Irvin and his wife and family came upstairs. It was so late, there were no restaurants open or anyplace we could eat at and we really didn't have food in the fridge. 
(This is Irvin and Sandra and their 'boy and girl twins', born 2 months ago. Un-named, as of yet.)
(Am I the only one that thinks Irvin looks like a tanned Jay Leno?)
And their little son, Juanito. He's a doll!
So we sat around waiting for Bro. Dad to get home from taking all the wet young people home. 
Us: "What could we eat? There's nothing, really..."
Mario: "Your gramma makes this thing that I looove. What's it called? Uhhh...fre-anshh toesss?"
Us: "Huh?"
Mario: "It's like bread with syrup. Fre-ashhh toesss."
Everyone: "OH!! French toast!"

It was 12:30am, time for breakfast anyways. So we at french toast, eggs, Coke, and Mexican sweet bread. 
Bro. Dad, Sis. Mom, and Sis. Nicole went over to Mexico City this morning to preach at Hno. Irvin's church. AndSOthen...Elder Wakefield is coming over to preach for us. Yeeeee-haw!


The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!
So glad to see God working in Mexico!! It is exciting to see all the people getting the Holy Ghost!!

Love & Prayers,
The Kendrick Clan

Anonymous said...

Dearest, Aunt Beth,
No food in the fridge???!!! You KNOW i cannot handle that!! Tell me you just needed to go grocery shopping. You guys need a FOOD BANK there!!! I am DYING!! Well, can't wait to hear THAT story!
We love and miss you SO much!!
HEY! I haven't heard ONE word about you doing any college courses....
Whats going on with that? I really hope you've started something. Maybe you could BLOG about that!
Love you!!
Love, Aunt Darlene~~

Anonymous said...

College Schmollage! I'm winning souls! I'm teaching people how to get to heaven!

Anonymous said...

HA!! No, you know what I mean when I say there was no food in the fridge...there was nothing GOOD.
And if we did have a food bank, we would have to build a new church, we would have so many 'saints'. Lol!!

Dad: That's not how you spell "schmollage". It's smollidge. HA!!

Sis. Gaines said...

So glad you pulled that birthday party off on Bro. Dad! I hoped he enjoyed it. Of course, why wouldn't he? Men are like this-where there is food, they are happy!
We have been enjoying your blog and have been showing it to our Sunday School kids. We have 11 boys and 1 girl (poor girl) HAHA!
We showed them the pictures of the boys and girls getting baptized and getting the Holy Ghost.
This really intrigues them, because they are all from Mexico.
Bro. and Sis. Gaines/Goshen, IN

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