Thursday, February 11, 2010

Niki's Birthday!

Here are some pics from Nicole's birthday. Kinda out of order, but hey...
Grampa lovin' on Beau. (Yes...Beau...)

Ranger and Rudy could NOT get along. They fought like cats...And this picture is too funny.

Beau snoozing. He fooled everyone into thinking he was some kind of peaceful, cuddling, lovey dovey dog. Then when he got back home, out came the fangs! He really does have a temper, I know it doesn't look like it but...

The two bad dogs in 'time out'.

Nicole's mordida.

Nicole bracing herself for the big *SMASH*!!!
Much to our dismay, it was another 'no fun mordida'.

Nicole and Grampa w/ their gift to her. It is basically a tree with drawers. It's a monster!

Grampa grilled these steaks, something about them being 'mesquite'. I've never had food that tasted so delicious. I mean, it just fell apart in your mouth...This is what we call REAL American food!

Gramma, thank you so much for letting us celebrate at your house and working so hard to make such a delicious meal! You are sooo wonderful and we love you sooo much! Can't wait to see you again...
PS: Gramma's birthday is Feb 22nd!! Hmmm...what are we going to do?

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