Thursday, July 30, 2015

School Construction & Jacky Boy

Hi everyone! Ha.ha.ha. Bethany is so funny, right? :D
I can honestly say that I have been SO busy! We are fundraising to get as many as our church people as we can to our conference in Mexico City! The fundraising is going really well and we are so excited for our conference coming up in just 2 weeks. Hundreds of bolis (popsicles) and cupcakes have been made over the past few weeks... But it has been worth it!

On with this little post that I am throwing together while I wait to go run some more fundraising errands and pick up a very special order that deserves its own post maybe sometime in the future.. :)

Something ELSE that we are SO excited about is our school being built!! We are finishing up and furnishing our school, and we will get to start the 4th year of Centro Educativo La Victoria on the 3rd floor in our newly built school! How wonderful is that??

Obviously from the picture there are still things lacking. Carpet, a few furniture pieces like tables and bookshelves, things like that. But really we have the most important thing-- A sealed roof! Dad and Bro. Valentin finished that this week! They have worked so hard this on getting the roof finished, and  we are so thankful for them and their work. :)

This roof situation has been a long and tough deal.

Several different attempts were made and they all ended up the same:
Mucho leaks. Lol.

Dad pointing out another leak.

Here is the entrance to our beautiful, colorful school.
Dad and Valentin were finishing up and checking for any leaky spots

Jack is a funny, unique dog. He LOVES his rocks. And because of all the construction going on, he has been in rock heaven with the abundance of block and brick.

I caught Jack with this rock the other day...
This is a chunk of heavy cement block.
It was bigger than his head! And I wanted to show you all how strong and silly this little dog is! 

So I backed up aways with my camera ready, and called him over to me.
He adjusted the rock in his mouth, picked it up, and came running!
I love how he puts his ears back when he carries these heavy rocks. Its like it gives him more leverage or something. LOL

I was pretty amazed, so I decided to take his beloved rock and weigh it.
This thing weighed 5 lb and 3oz!

This little guy has a strong neck and mouth, that's for sure.

And that is my contribution to this post. Hope you all enjoyed it, because you probably won't hear from me for another few weeks! Hahaha. Just kidding. It all depends on when the inspiration hits. :))

Our conference is on August 14-16 just in case any of you want to come! (With your pastor's approval of course) :D


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