Sunday, July 12, 2015

Poblano Eucalyptus Pens!

This is a post for those of you who were privileged to buy one of the Poblano Eucalyptus pens at West Coast 2014 and in the past few months! The eucalyptus wood has such a beautiful grain! 

All of the other pens that were being sold came from wood in the U.S. that come as pre-cut blocks like this:

But these Eucalyptus pens came from a special place!....

Our back yard! :))

Several weeks ago, down this bumpy, puddle-ridden road a treasure was found...

A huge Eucalyptus stump!
Pastor and Valentin went to work with a hand saw and were able to leave with enough to make several pens.

Posing with his "catch"

I just realized that one of these Eucalyptus pens is in fact doubly special!! Bryan made a pen all by himself with this wood. 


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