Saturday, July 11, 2015

Honduras - The Bugs

I forgot that I'd planned on doing a separate post on Honduran bugs. While in Honduras I started a little collection of pictures. There were little bugs, big bugs, spiders, flying creatures, and lizards. 
We don't have very many bugs where we live in Mexico so we got our memories renewed on why exactly bugs are so gross. Here are some of the most interesting ones...
Buzz Lightyear moth
A giant ant
The person that was in the bathroom before me saw this spider and did NOTHING about it. AUGH!! I did not find out about the spider until after I got out of the shower. It was probably right there the WHOLE TIME. And that is a BIG SPIDER. 
A (dead) beetle
One night we were sitting around visiting, and I was sitting on the kitchen floor. A mosquito landed next to me so I flicked it. This is what resulted. 
A huuuuuuuge cockroach that may or may not have went up someone's shirt...
An interesting green bug
The day we went to swim at the river, we got to see some spiders.....
My main concern - "Do they swim?" 

Like I said - Honduras was a very interesting experience!! I hope you've all enjoyed these pictures and now have the creepy crawlies like ME!


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