Friday, July 24, 2015

Pre-Heritage 2015 - Visiting Odyssey and Bro. Dobson

Wednesday morning we got up and sort of just lazed around. Ate breakfast, got ready for the day, and ran a couple errands. We know how these conference things go so Nicole and I came prepared with plenty of water, juice and my favorite - strawberry milk! I knew on the mornings where I'd had little sleep, strawberry milk would aid in keeping me pleasant and smiling :)
Mango juice - just a good idea in general, at any time of the day. 

After getting ready at our own leisurely pace, we went downstairs to wait for our ride. While we waited, Elder Morton and Bishop Johnson kept us entertained with their conversation and questions. 

Cherie and Nicole
When our ride arrived, they all had to run in to the hotel real quick. We all jumped in their car and quickly locked the doors. We were quite amused with ourselves - ha! 

Unfortunately, Andrew had an actual key so our fun was cut short. 

Coco, Andrew, Erin, Hanna, Mary, me, Cara, Nicole, and Cherie
These guys were so kind to drive us around all week, picking us up from our hotel, taking us to church and everywhere else. As Elder Pickleseimer told Nicole after throwing away something for him, "Well thank you! They'll be a reward for you. Not from me, but......" HAHA!!! 
We had a very exciting day planned. We were going to the Focus on the Family headquarters and Whit's End. It felt funny to say we were going to Whit's End - lol! 
We went to the little theatre and dressed up in their character costumes. It was funny because there were little kids running around all over the place, but we were getting more of a kick out of this than they were. 

On stage! 
I don't know who took this picture, but I didn't realize what it was until now and it cracked me UP. 
Whit praying for Coco.
Speaking of...
I have to take a moment to say thank you to all of the people that took pictures during this trip. I took about five. Photostream was a great invention....
So thank you to Cherie, Cara, Coco, Hanna, Johnny, and Denae. These pictures were definitely NOT all taken by me. 

Going through the underground railroad tunnel under Whit's End
In the Last Chance Detectives plane! So neat! 
Cherie and I...and Aslannnnnn *ROAAAAAR*
The one and only Whit's End! 
Cherie :)
So much fun!! Fellowshiping at Whit's End :))
Hanna trying to catch the rabbit
After enjoying our Wodfamchocsods, milkshakes, and root beer floats we headed over to the imagination station slide. I forgot how twisty-turny-crazy this slide was. There were cameras waiting at the bottom of the slide and the looks that were captured were hilarious!!!!! 
Nicole - "This is more that I expected" Haha! 
Cherie's favorite!!! EEEEEEEEK!!!
Denae :)
And when we thought the day could not get any better...
It DID. 
There was a Cracker Barrel a couple minutes away. Tooooo good! 

Cherie's chicken and dumplings, mac 'n cheese, fried apples, and biscuits. 
We had an awesome, crazy fun day! That night we went to our first actual service. It was too good, I don't want to mix these pictures with those. Stay tuned for an actual Heritage post, coming very soon! 



Cara said...

I DIDN'T KNOW that you brought STRAWBERRY MILK. >:-<

Cherie Marchbanks said...


Hanna said...

I saw you with that strawberry milk pretty much every morning haha
Fun times!

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