Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Heritage 2015 - BBQ and Singspiration

After visiting the Garden of the Gods and doing a little bit of shopping we went back to our hotels to freshen up for the meet-and-greet BBQ and singspiration. We were so excited!! 
We sat around talking, meeting new people and having a great time...
...Until Sarah Schreckhise informed us that the missionary kid ensemble we'd joked about in Honduras a few weeks ago had just become a REALITY. The singspiration was starting in about half an hour and we were singing. What?!?! 

We went and found a piano. Cherie Marchbanks agreed to play for us. We racked our brains for a song, finally settled on one, ran though it, then scrapped it,  picked another one, figured our parts out, ran through it a few times and that was it. 

The singspiration was awesome! It started out with a young man on a harmonica playing "this train is bound for glory, this train..." It sounded so neat! The music throughout the conference was so unique, at least to us west-coasters. Harmonicas, an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, a was all so beautiful. 
The group from Pastor Ham's church in Louisiana. They sang beautifully! 
My favorite choir of the night - the young people from Pastor Howard's church in Tulsa, OK. They did awesome! They sang a song I'd never heard of, but have been listening to on repeat since the conference called But the Blood by Kirk Franklin. They were so anointed and their soloists blended so perfectly, I was surprised to find out they weren't brother and sister. The whole song was so good. -I loved it!! 
The Missionary Ensemble
Nathaniel, Sarah, and Allana Schreckhise...and the Wakefield girls. LOL!
I KNOW the Schreckhises can sing. Siblings always sound awesome together, thus my fear of adding in Nicole and I, besides the fact that I do not consider myself a singer. On top of all that, we were right after THEE Denae Abbott, singer extraordinaire! I was a leeeeetle nervous. I don't know how we actually sounded, but I think it went ok. And YES I do know there's a recording!!! NO THANK YOU. Recordings are never good. Please leave me to my own memories and imaginings ahhahaha.

Since Denae had just sang, Sis. Abbott was on the organ as we were going up to sing. Oooh la la! An organ - the perfect instrument to kind of just smooth things out and cover any rough edges. I asked Cherie to ask her if she'd stay up and play for us and she agreed. She hadn't practiced with us beforehand, but of course it sounded perfect. 

Let us all have a moment of silence for Sis. Abbott and all the times she's stepped in and saved the day. 
Thank you, Sis. Abbott!! 

The singspiration ended with a group from Bryan, TX I believe. They sang Rain, Lord.

Like a raging fire, burn in my soul.
Baptize me with the Holy Ghost!
Rain, Lord. Rain, Lord! 

It ended in people shouting and dancing and worshiping God. It was a great first night!! 

Afterwards the Schreckhises took us back to our hotel. As you can see, we were having quite the time :)

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