Friday, July 3, 2015

Honduras - Day 7

We are down to our last full day in Honduras...

Our day started out with breakfast. The eggs from the morning before were so delicious, I had to have them again. I also had a side of giant avocado. 

Yes, avocados. These are all ripe and ready to eat, and they are about 5 times the size of our average avocado. 

Orphie hanging out in the tree planter
A lizard on the wall by my bed
A little confusion -
I heard that this was the church so I took a picture. We walked in this gate and everyone turned right. I was wondering where everyone was going when Francis informed me:
^^This is the fellowship hall. Next door is the church. So here is a picture of part of the church property!
When we got there, the Schreckhise kids all got up and started singing and playing. They are so talented!
Thursday was our last service and it was at the main church in La Ceiba, the church the Schreckhises pastor. They started out with some awesome pre-service prayer. 

This little girl was so cute
Song service
Dad preaching
The Ceiba church has a bus that everyone rides to and from church on. After church we all decided we would ride this bus home. 
The Pentecostals of Honduras

Bro. Schreckhise didn't ride the bus home, but got on to say goodbye to all the people. 

Austin enjoying the moving air

When we got home, we had a wonderful treat awaiting us. Sarah had made a coconut lime cake that was absolutely delicious! 
Fun fact: They have to freeze their cakes so that the frosting doesn't melt off of the cake! That's how hot it is! 
Mom helping cut the cake
Sarah the amazing baker and I

Allana and Nicole and Sarah's hand :P
After taking a few pictures we said our goodbyes and headed to bed...Our departure trip will be up asap! 



LaLa said...

You dont know me but I read your blog and post comments from time to time. This family was at our church tonight in Guy, Arkansas! I thought that was neat because I have been reading about them in your blog these past couple of weeks. If I knew how to post pics in the comments I would show you.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

That is cool!!! They are such a sweet family!
I am glad you've enjoyed these posts. Thanks for commenting!


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