Friday, July 10, 2015

Legit Holy Water!

Beth and I made a market/grocery store trip the other day and saw some funny things!

Enjoy :D

We have a new drink/cult now! 
Lala Cult!
This is more for all you Mexican/Latino paisas out there! ...If you don't get it, just scroll. Lol. :D

 We walked over to the market, and got to see these monsters!!!
Cabeza de res! (Cow head) 
These go into soups, tacos, and who knows what else. 
To my knowledge I have never eaten it. Just the thought makes me cringe!
Cows heads, as far as the eye can see! :)) Looks like someone needs to get in there with a tooth brush. Blech.

One of the reasons we were at the market was to pick up a dried herb. So we hunted and searched through the market looking for herb stands. 
We came across this beauty of a store... They didn't end up having my herb, but they did have a few other eye-catching sights! This market stall actually turned out to be a catholic/witchcraft vendor. See the hanging animal carcasses? As we learned in Obregon, you can boil these and eat them to be healed, or bathe in the boiled skunk water for equal benefits.
Here the lady is searching for the herb.

As she looked through her herbs, we got a funny eye-full.
Here we have...


Legitimate Holy Water

(Not like those other fake bottles of holy water you've been buying)
This particular bottle is for the specific need of a "Rain of Money". 
Um, yes, please! 
Anybody else want this bottle of legit water?? I can take orders if anyone is interested... Just comment below :)) 

This is a bottle of Legit Holy Water with Zodiacal Oil that guarantees 
"Quick Luck".
Some of the promises on this bottle are silver, success, dreams coming true, 
and get this-- a "Cadillac". Any takers?

 Need a job, and quick? Here you go--
Get your bottle of "I Want Work Quickly" 
Directions: Sprinkle on one's self. 
P.S. "It's very effective"

Calling all singles! 
Get your "attractive spirit" on with this water!

The front view of this curious little shop
Candles and tea for every ailment you can imagine...

Let us know if you need some helpful legitimate holy water. Deliveries can be made at Heritage next week. :))



Lauren Bundy said...

Bring one for me! I'd like the Attractive water please. I'll be waiting in my hotel room for it at Summer Heritage. ;) This is hilarious.

Curtis Wakefield said...

Oh my word-

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

@Lauren - Haha!! Alrighty - see ya there!

@Dad - Aahhhhh yeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Cyndi Kaye said...

You could sell that water by the capful to the young single girls at Summer Heritage! hahahaha

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Sis Cynthia - Hahaha! WE SHOULD HAVE! :D


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