Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where I've Been This Past Week

After the school year ended a couple months ago and summer vacation begun, I (Bethany) was really excited because I'd planned on spending a lot of time with my grandparents. I had grandiose plans of spending days on end over at their house, "running with the big dogs". However, when summer got started everyone started taking trips to the U.S. First my parents, then me, then Nicole, then my grandparents, then my parents again...and in between all of that, things just got busy. Time flew by and before I knew it August was here, summer vacation was winding down, and I hadn't spent one day with my grandparents! Last week was the final one I had free so I packed my bags and went to spend an entire week with my wonderful grandparents.

My first morning there started with accompanying Elder Wakefield to the university for devotions. Grab your coffee or tea in the kitchen then head upstairs to study the assigned chapter of the day. One person makes questions and the rest of us have to answer them. The highest score wins ten pesos (less than a dollar - LOL!)

Jose Luis and Carla
Grampa and Hayde studying
 The day I made questions we had a time arguing over answers. Elder Wakefield should've been a lawyer...

After devotions, we dropped by my tio and tia's house to visit. I got to see this little princess with the mop of curly hair. 

She dug through my entire purse, pulling everything out, throwing things, and trying them out. 

I looked down and found her foot in my purse :)
Baby feet are the cutest.

I went to church with them on Tuesday and afterwards we went out to eat and visit. 

Gramma and I went to the lake one morning to get some exercise. I forget how beautiful this place is!

We found some little baby ducklings...

Perfect example of misplaced quotations: 
 Thank your for "not smoking". 

Turtles and a heron
 After walking around the lake we went to the market to pick up a few things.

We went to this interesting little restaurant where they cook your food in a wood stove. 

We got yummy tacos...

 ...and this very interesting tostada/pizza.

Me and Gramma
 We got caught in the rain one of the days and had to stop in Gloria Jeans to wait it out. I'm not into the whole coffee shop thing, but got this interesting tea dealy.

 You set the pitcher on top of the cup and the tea comes pouring out. I got Coco Chai and it was pretty good!

Gramma's passion fruit tea
 I forgot my hair tie downstairs one day so Gramma shot it up to me on the balcony. She has great aim - lol!

All in all, I had a nice, relaxing week. I reeeeally enjoy hanging out with my grandparents. I realize I won't have them forever so I cherish every moment I get with them. They keep busy, more so than, I think, the average human being - haha :) They don't sit still for long - it cracks me up! 
I'm thankful for my grandparents!
I'm going to be playing catch up this week so hopefully I'll have a post up each day of the week until Friday!


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