Friday, August 14, 2015

Music Practice

This past week we’ve been getting ready for this weekend’s conference in Mexico City. Wrapping up with fundraising, finalizing schedules and car situations, making sure that everyone who wants to go is able to…and me – I love to plan – which means making lists, brainstorming, racking my brain to make sure this weekend goes smoothly and is absolutely as wonderful as we can make it. Another thing that always has to be done before special services is music practice. We’ve struggled for the past couple of years in the drum department, for various reasons…it’s been a deal, to be honest. I’ve had to play the majority of services by myself, which I feel has changed the way I play, since I’ve had to carry the responsibility of keeping the beat each song service. I’ve had some services where I was about “this close” to a break down…those are few and far between now, because I’ve acquired coping skills. LOL. For example, I’m learning to play the drums (that’s another post, which IS coming – hehe). Anyways, I feel like I’ve gotten to where I’m doing more “banging” on the piano instead of it sounding all flowy and lovely. Haha. 
All the while, for this past year Abner (our old faithful drummer) has been working tirelessly at his job, had a weird schedule and got a little rusty on the drums. 
I realize this is maybe is a little too detailed, but that's ok - someone out there will enjoy my ramble and it feels goooood to vent. But, LONG(er) STORY SHORT – we all were in dire need of a major practice session together. Two sessions, actually.
Practices were loooong and exhausting, but oh so refreshing. Do you KNOWWWW how good it feels lean on someone else to carry the beat?! I am EXCITED about that!
We had a good time together, had a lot of good laughs. The later it got, the more laughing we did. It was fun.
At one point during practice I looked over to find Nicole cleaning her teeth with my beloved brushes. (Brushes, as in drumming brush. Not a hair brush LOL – she isn’t that gross.) These brushes were a gift from a friend and I am getting a kick out of them. I’ve always had this thing for songs with brushes – they are so soothing and just…”ahhhhh… ”. They give me that relaxing feeling of floating in a boat in the ocean or swinging in a hammock while basking in the sun. Anyways, Nicole knows I love these things so she knew juuuuust how to raise my hackles. 
Everytime I look at this picture it makes me go "Grrrrrr!!!" and laugh at the same time - HA.


....need a Q-tip?

Ugh -_______________-
 Thank you, Nicole for adding a little extra entertainment for the blog :)

It's Friday morning and we are getting ready to head out! We've rented a huge bus for this weekend of our conference. It's picking up our people first then heading over to Elder Wakefield's church to pick them up, then it's about a two-hour drive to the church in Mexico City.
Have I mentioned who is preaching the conference?? I don't think I have!!! It's Bro. PJ White! We are super excited and looking forward to what God has for us this weekend! 

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