Thursday, August 13, 2015

Youth Game Night

After church this past Sunday a bunch of us went over to the Garcia’s house for a youth game night. One of the ladies in Elder Wakefield’s church volunteered to make molotes for us. I thought that was so sweet! While we played games, visited, and enjoyed each other’s company, Sis. Erika slaved away in the kitchen. 
We had such a good time! We played Pictionary, charades, and The Rhythm Game.

Our cute little time-keeper
Tio Mario always makes acting games interesting - ha! His portrayal of "lion tamer" had us crying with laughter.

My cute little Gramma, talking to Elissa
What is going on here...? :D
 In the rhythm game everyone has a number. The goal is to make it to number one, but if you mess up, you have to move to the last seat. We were low on chairs so the last seat ended up being a wooden rocking horse. Punishment for the one that can't keep the beat going!!


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