Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of School! (2015)

 Here we are, starting our fourth year of school! How crazy is that?! After dreaming of having our own space, our own dedicated school, that dream has come true! We started our first day of class today in the new school. It is looking so good! There are still some detail things that we will work on as we go, but today we had everything we needed and more to get started. I will be posting an actual in-depth tour of the school soon! 

After welcoming the kids to the new school, we started the morning as we usually do - with prayer and studying of God's Word.

After Bible, Nicole started with the next level of English lessons. The plan is to have these kids having full conversations in English by the end of the school year!  

Senor Austin
 After English comes math....

Very interesting lessons!
 And our traditional first-day-of-school pictures...
"Boys! SMILE!"

...and the teachers!
We are looking forward to another great year of school!



Jennifer Connell said...

How exciting about the school! Yay! I know God will continue to bless.

allanatohonduras said...

I now feel soooooo underdressed when I go to school. :O hahahaha Everything looks so nice, and ya'll look

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you, Jen :)

Allana - keep in mind that it was the FIRST day of school, we planned on taking pics AND it is not hot here.........HAHA! If I was teaching school in Honduras, I'd probably wear a muumuu every day. HA!


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