Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sunday School 3rd Quarter Ice Cream Party!

A couple of Sundays ago we finished another quarter of Sunday school! At the end of each quarter, we always throw a party and reward kids for attendance, bringing their Bibles, memorizing verses, bringing visitors, etc. This gives them motivation and something special to look forward to!

We started off the party with a scavenger hunt!

Although it looks like I am directing traffic here, I really am separating the kids into teams.

Once the two teams were picked they started reading their riddles and cards!
Team #1

Here's Ailyn reading a card to her team members
Team #2

The teams raced around the church grounds searching for clues! They had a blast.
This was one of the funniest parts. One of the cards referred to one of their lessons about evangelism. The instructions told them to find Pastor, ask him for some church flyers, and to go find someone to give them to on the street. When I planned this, I expected Pastor to be downstairs during this part of the game... But when we arrived at this step, Pastor was no where to be found! Turns out he was eating a quick lunch upstairs! LOL. We told the kids where he was, and the mob of Team #2 ran up the stairs to the house screaming and yelling "Pastor, Pastor!!!"

Pastor gave them their flyers and off they went, handing them out. Our kids LOVE handing out flyers!! There is no shame or shyness in them!

The dogs were quite interested and a little bothered with all of the commotion that the kids were making!

This game was more for the big kids, so little Ana was a bit lost during all the running around!
^Rainboots on backwards :)^

For the grand finale they had to sink Paul's boat! Team #2 won!

This is one of our Sunday school boy's dog. This is what we see above the gate doors each time this kid comes. His loyal friend!

Because our kids really do love passing out flyers, off they went again after the scavenger hunt ended.

Me and my little princess Beatriz!
Big smiles!

Bro. Baltazar planned a fruit eating contest for the kids. Whoever finished their slice of fruit first, won! This was so fun and hilarious!

1st round: The boys!
Out of this whole line of boys, ALL the girls were cheering LOUDLY, "Bryan! Bryan! Bryan!" ...I think we have some crushes going on! LOL.

These kids LOVE fruit so this was a treat for them!

And well, well, well... I guess all that cheering from the girls helped, because Bryan won!

Round 2: The girls!
Their style was a little more dignified than the boys.

Round 3: The Babies!
Now who would you guys think won this round! Surely the oldest of these girls...

And the winner is........
...not Tania.....

Ana!! The smallest of them all! She's a little cantaloupe-eating scrapper! :))

Round 4: The Men

And the winner.... is NOT the pastor. It was actually Valentin. But here is a nice picture of Missionary Wakefield with his watermelon. :)

Next, the winners got to choose their prizes.

To end the celebration, we had an Ice Cream Party!! This might have been the most exciting part of the day. There was so many sugar toppings and we did not hold back.... We were just waiting to see kids drop from a sugar overload.

Mom and Beth were the ice cream scoopers.

The kids tried to wait patiently for their ice cream...
Mmm.... here we have cherries, M&Ms, sprinkles, oreos, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, bananas, gummy bears, and a half bald sucker bouquet. :)) I'm loving the girls' facial expressions.

This is shy Joni with his ice cream creation.

These boys won prizes for never missing a Sunday in the quarter! (There were more kids who never missed but these won the drawing.)
Eddy (left) was SO excited about his HUGE 5LB bag of candy that he picked! We have no idea how he is going to finish this huge bag... He's going to have to have help. :))

We had a blast with the kids, and are now into our new quarter of Sunday school. 
This quarter's promotion/focus is on Bible Quizzing! We're going to get these kids learning their Bibles and memorizing verses! This will be a totally new experience to 99% of our kids, so I am so excited to see the competitiveness rise to the surface and to see Bible champions made! 
We currently do not have a Bible quizzing buzzer, but would LOVE to have one. If anyone has one to donate, we would be so, so grateful.
 For the meantime, we will be quizzing old school Puebla style, using our little silver school bells. :D 

Well peeps, it has been a pleasure to spend a little time out of my day to share this Sunday school news with you all... I love Sunday school! How about ya'll?? 

God Bless!



Anonymous said...

Hello where would we find buzzers and where would we ship them to?

Hanna said...

I love Sunday school too too!!!! :D Looks like a blast! Especially the ice cream. Lol.

Nicole Wakefield said...

Anonymous - It was recommended to me to get them from Ericksonelectronics.com . We also know that churches update their systems every now and then and might have a system just packed away able to be donated. The best stateside shipping address is 1730 McCune Ave. Yuba City, CA 95993
God Bless!

Nicole Wakefield said...

Hanna- Yay! More love for Sunday School! :)) And yes, it was SO fun.

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