Monday, September 7, 2015

Molotes with Carmen & Girls

This summer, Sis. Carmen took Nicole and I to her favorite place to eat in downtown Puebla. She raved about this place! She was so excited to take us there. She warned us ahead of time to not eat a lot in the day because that night we were going to need to be starving our heads off to be able to eat the big portions they give. 

We decided to meet at the corner to catch the bus together. Nicole and I got there early and waited...and waited...and waited a little bit more.

After arriving downtown, we walked around for a bit until it was time for the restaurant to open.

We arrived at seven on the dot, but there were already a ton of people waiting in line!

While Sis. Carmen waited in line, we saved some seats.

Delicious AND healthy....heh heh...eeek!

Sis. Carmen did not let us down. The food was delicious! This place is famous for their molotes. A molote looks sort of like a quesadilla, but it is sealed all along the edges and fried in oil. There are all kinds of fillings to choose from to put inside. Chicken, potato, cheese, tinga, mushroom, or a mixture of any of these...and more! My favorite is potato and white cheese. Another family favorite is the tinga which is chicken in a red sauce. 
On top of the molote they put sour cream, lettuce, and salsa. Woah! Tasty!

After eating we rode back home on the bus. And that was the end of our evening.

However, when my parents got back from the US, they also wanted to try this place out. So once again we trekked down to the center of town for a late dinner. 
Austin loved his molote!


This was a big hit! We like finding new restaurants (I use the word loosely) to add to our repertoire. In case there are any adventurous visitors that want a taste of true Mexico... :)



Laura Wyatt said...

Oh man those sound so so so good..

Mary Frances said...

I want one!!! I'm starving right now!!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Laura!!! Long time, no comment! Good to hear from you and they are veryyyyy good....if you ever come down here, we will have to go to this place! PORTERVILLE MISSIONS TRIP, WOOT WOOT!!

Mary - come and get it! :)


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