Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eliu's Party

Eliu, one of the kids in our church, celebrated his 10th birthday this summer. His family threw a big birthday bash and invited half the church and all of Eliu's friends. Sis Marisol made pizza and pasta. Everything was delicious and we had a fun time eating and visiting. 

Mexican style pizza - tomato sauce, refried beans, cilantro, and chorizo!
The yummy pasta
The kiddos outside
The handsome birthday boy!
These ladies...evading the camera!
When it came time for the birthday cake, this candle was brought out. 
It looked strangely like a firework...

Look at these innocent kids. Just minding their own business, looking forward to eating some yummy chocolate cake.

The candle was lit...and it started smoking...

All of a sudden an explosion of sparks started flying everywhere...

Then a full-blown indoor fireworks show began shooting into the air. Everyone was hollering and shrieking - partly delighted/panicked and partly wondering how much damage this firework candle would do before it finally quit.

What a show!
It finally died down, sparks stopped shooting out, and once again it began to smoke - filling the air and sending us into fits of coughing and laughter.

What a birthday to remember! According to Eliu, it was the best day of his life!


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Anonymous said...

Hace falta la foto de la "mordida"! Saludos a sus papas y Austin - Familia Gillespie (Fremont, California).

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