Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Chat

Did anyone see the red moon Sunday night? We were getting pretty pumped about it for the last few days, looking forward to it. I made a special dinner for after church, along with apple pie. I imagined us all sitting on the roof with blankets, pie, vanilla ice cream, and the moon so close we could almost touch it. After church we looked up into the heavens only to see a very gloomy and cloudy sky. We did not catch even one glimpse of the moon! (That is, until I got on the news this morning. Pretty neat!)

Abner preached for us Sunday night. We had an interesting song service, but the preaching made up for it. The little group of Sunday school kids came to church again! We now all sit on the very last row with notepads and erasable crayons. (To the genius commentor that suggested invisible markers - I'm on the look-out for them!) Each Sunday they get better at not getting out of their seats, not asking to go to the bathroom, and keeping quiet. Eventually we will graduate to the second to last row, and get closer and closer to the front as their behavior improves - haha! They are so cute - curious about everything and eager to help.

Cool Ana
Ana loves to sing. Last Sunday she got the itch to bust out some lines to a song she learned at school, in the middle of the preaching. Of course this was met by my shushing. But no, she didn't want to be shushed! "Sing with me!" She put her hands on either side of my face and got this pitiful, silly look on her face. You know how when you were little, the teachers would tell your parents at the parent-teacher conferences, "Your daughter/son is a joy to have in class!" I understand those words now. Not every kid is a joy to work with - ha! But these kids...they are a ball of energy and unpredictability.

Last Sunday I sat Ana and her sister on the front row so we could all keep an eye on them. When only a couple of them come to church, this is where they sit and it actually works out well. After I get off the piano, we all go sit in the back. Well after ending one song at the beginning of the service, from over the worship of the congregation a sound reaches my ears. I meet eyes with Ana and she is screaming at the top of her lungs, "IS IT OVER NOW???!!!?!!" It was so funny.

Nicole and Beatriz
Austin and our newest little Sunday school member

Well, that's all I have for the this chat today.



LaLa said...

I am the one that suggested the markers. Is it possible to send some to you? I would love to do that.

We saw the Blood Moon here in Arkansas. We were all outside of the church watching the eclipse etc. My husband stealthly brought one of the trumpets outside and ... well I guess you can guess the rest.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

That is so funny about the trumpet! Such a great idea - we will try to remember this for the next eclipse in 8 years - lol!
That is really sweet of you to want to send those! I'd love that. We will be in the US in a few weeks so if you'd like to send some markers, we could pick them up there. (The package is more likely to get to us if it is sent to a US address. Mexico's postal service can be unreliable.)


I took down our address, just for privacy's sake - if you didn't get it you can email me and I'll send it! My email is bethanyraquel@gmail.com

Thanks again :)


LaLa said...

Understood. I have your address and will mail a package Monday. :-)

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