Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cumpleaños de Bethany!

Our Bethany turned ___ years old yesterday! She has reached the age where she would like to no longer acknowledge her age.. She is still young. as we all know, but I will humor her and not put her age! (You all can just do some quick math by looking in the blog archives. Haha.)

I do not have the best pictures from the surprise party that we threw for her, and I can't get them because everyone went off to our sweet motherland and they took their cameras with them. I forgive them all for leaving me, because they are remembering me when they shop. :)


 Back to the birthday--
We celebrated early since the family had to go do that thing that we always gotta do. Renewing papers and all. Ya'll know. Haha.
We sent Bethany off to the grandparent's house over the weekend so that we could prepare for the surprise! Saturday we ran around getting everything together for the party.
I picked up these flowers for Bethany at the market. She loves flowers!
And I love Mexico. Why? 
Among many reasons: flowers are SUCH a good deal. With the crazy exchange rate these days, these beauties cost me 30 pesos which turns out to be $1.82 USD. 

Sis. Carmen came over early to help decorate. Thank goodness for helpful, thoughtful saints!!

So cute!

We all crouched down and hid behind tables and waited to surprise Beth!

Hugs and well wishes

"You're so sneaky!!"

After the dinner, we went upstairs and Bethany opened presents

~On a side note, Beth says to mention that her hair is not done because everything was a surprise! She thought she was just coming home to crash. :D ~

Happy Birthday Beth! We love you.



Leonore S. said...

Happy birthday Bethany! I hope it was a good one! It was so nice meeting you! Keep in touch! :)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you, Leonore! It was nice to meet you too!!! I emailed you :)


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