Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Carpeting of the School

This is a bit of a delayed post, but a necessary one! We've got to give honor where honor is due. :)
Our school classroom would not be as nice as it is without the tiled and carpeted floor...

So a big thank you goes to... 
Our dad.
I would say that he did 99% of the work...

This guy did the other 1%. Hahaha.
But we are also thankful for Bro. Valentin :))

The dogs just got in the way, with their play-fighting.
Beau can look vicious!

He is also pretty good at looking like a big baby. Haha.

Here I told him to longingly look off into the distance... He nailed it.

Before carpet:

After carpet:
(And after everything... I don't have a picture of just the finished carpet!)
They did such a good job.

2-headed Beth.

The view from the 3rd story.

Ain't it just gorgeous? :))

More kudos to the father and Valentin- They did the tiling of the stairs too!
(They almost did the whole school by themselves ;P)

And this is the magical factory where the beautiful pens that many of you have bought come from!
The 3rd story classroom used to be the workshop, until it was time for the school year to start! Then this little "taller" (workshop) had to be built.


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