Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's Up, School?

 We are into our second week of school and enjoying this classroom more than ever. We are one of the tallest buildings around here so we have a pretty great view of the city, especially at night when everything is lit up. We leave the door and windows open for the majority of each school day. The way the breeze blows through - it is so relaxing. Last Saturday evening, I was working in the school when a wave of sleepiness hit me. I grabbed a stack of notebooks to use as a makeshift pillow... I must've been really tired because it was not comfortable at all, but I slept for an entire hour under my desk. My first thought when I woke up was, "Wow. This floor is hard." 
Anyways - it is really nice. We never have to turn on lights, with all the windows we have. The carpet, the cute tile, the colors we all just feels so nice and cozy. We are so happy with how it turned out! 

The dogs also love the school. We forbid them to enter, but somehow Jack always sneaks in. This time we didn't notice him until he was snoozing on the tile...too cute to kick out.
He looks innocent, and he is - when he's sleeping. But for some reason, he is really attracted to going to the bathroom on the carpet. Eww.

Another time, Jack snuck in and stretched beside Austin's chair. It's funny how he knew right who to go to.

After lunch we have been having "reading time". We have acquired a small selection of Spanish books in the past year and are steadily working to grow that collection. We feel pretty satisfied when we see the kids lost in the world of reading. Reading is fun!

During lunch break we have a stack of board games that the kids like to play. Last week they were on a Chess kick. It was pretty quiet in the classroom when Austin busts out about this amaaaazing move. He demanded a picture of it.

I don't really like showing this picture for all the junk on the right....eek! We are working on getting that cleaned up and out of here. But on the left you can see the weight bench. Austin and Bryan are trying to get 'buff'! Bro. Valentin was in the army when he was younger so he's assists in showing them terribly difficult exercise moves.

Tuesday morning we were all quietly working when the school door busts open, Bro. Valentin pops his head in and announces, "I don't want to interrupt, but....YOU HAVE A VISITOR!!"
In walks Abner. 
Wow. Thank you for not interrupting! (Apparently we have a new school butler!)

So Abner stayed for the day, helped out at school, went to P.E. with the boys, entertained us, played checkers with us....

Turns out Abner is a prolific checker player. Or he was just having a lucky day becuase he whooped all of us. Checkers was never my strong point, however, UNO is another story. Heh heh.
After school we turned on Deitrick Haddon's "Well Done" and had non-dominant-hand handwriting contests.

You guys notice my decorations?? It is Independence month here in Mexico and it is exciting to be able to finally decorate our classroom!

Last week we got a notice that there was a package waiting for me at the post office. I tried not to get excited because I knew of maybe three people that actually have my Mexican address. I doubted any of those people had sent a package....
I figured some business had gotten my address and there was going to be a stack of boring envelopes and junk mail waiting for me.
However! When I the postal worker pulled this hunk off the shelf, my eyes about fell out of my head. It's a bit of a deal picking up mail here..sign here, sign there. I couldn't see the return address...
Finally he handed it over was from Washington!

Oh my!
"With love, from Amanda, Andrea, and Bethany, to Bethany and Nicole"
From Amanda and Bethany Diaz and Andrea Martinez, our friends in Washington!
 The box was full of all kinds of treats and school supplies.
Bath and Body Works, Sour Patch Kids, Carmel Apple candies, pencil holders, stickers, cut-out letters, much stuff! We had a ton of fun going through everything. Best of all - it was a complete surprise!
This adorable and luscious apple - it is fake! But as Amanda said, "Every teacher needs an apple on their desk!"
 Thank you girls for thinking of us! You definitely put a smile on our faces.
You all are too sweet.

And that is what's been up with the school lately!



Miss Bethany Joy Diaz said...

So glad you both liked the box and its contents! It was well worth the mental anguish tracking it across the countries, wondering if it would actually arrive at its destined location. We love y'all and hope you had a wonderful time thinking about us as you munched on the candy!!:P God bless you both (and the rest of your family, as well)!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Bethany - mental anguish - HAHA!! I can imagine! It is pretty much a miracle it actually arrived, undamaged and not tampered with. I meant to ask you - when did you send it??

Thank you again!!


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