Monday, September 28, 2015

Dog Disaster

This past Wednesday we had a bit of a fiasco! As I was coming upstairs after our weekly Sunday school meeting, I heard a far off sound-- Jack's crying/I'm-stuck-in-who-knows-where/distressed sound. I followed the noise to the stairs to the school, dread filling my heart and soul... I went half way up and found this:
Little Jack, imprisoned in our office.

He had had his fun, that's for sure.
I found clocks thrown to the ground, trash strewn about, and some special gifts on the walls and floor.

And the best present of all... on our new carpet!
(Blurred for those of you with weaker constitutions.)

After picking up his present to us, I shamed him with the bucket.
He was so ashamed that he could not make eye contact with me or with the bucket.

More shaming.
This part was fun.. I hope he learned his lesson.

Actually, Beth is the one who probably learned a lesson.
:)) Turns out Jack fell asleep in the office and she locked him in after her piano lessons.



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