Thursday, February 12, 2015

Train Museum Field Trip

Yesterday morning when we woke up the internet was not working (which is why there was no blog post yesterday). Since the boys' school work is all online, this left us in a bit of a pickle. We discussed our options then decided we'd make it into a field trip day! We'd been wanting to go to the train museum here in town for a while so we called the parents to get their ok. Everyone was fine with it so Dad and I and our four boys went off on our field trip. I'm not really one for museums - reading plaques about things behind glass...not really my thing. However, this train museum totally surpassed my expectations! 

Everything made of steel...and these giiiiant train wheels...

They had several train cars open for people to tour. It was so so interesting! I've always loved history and lately Austin and I have been on a kick of listening to a podcast called "Stuff You Missed in History Class". About a month ago we'd listened to an episode on sleeping cars so this field trip fit perfectly!

Comfy train seats 

Austin was so curious about everything. If there was a ladder, he climbed it. All closets, drawers, windows, and panels were opened. I kept waiting for the guard to say something to him, but he never did. 

Fabian sitting in one of the more rustic cars - probably where the porters slept. 

Fabian, Eddy, and Austin 

In the dining area of what the museum guard told us was called the presidential car

A room in the sleeping car

There were about 6 rows of trains and the first two were open to walk through. 

The mail car

The smoking car

The boys had all brought lunches, but Dad and I didn't. After we were done touring the train museum, we went to Costco for pizza. The boys had never been so we gave them the official tour - which meant free samples. After walking around for about fifteen minutes we all went back outside to eat.
Fabian got a sample of cheese - from the look on his face after he bit into it, he was disgusted! 
Might as well pick up dog food while we're here, right? 
I forgot to take pictures of us eating pizza, but it was delicious, of course. The boys had a really good time - and so did their teacher and principal!



JuliAnne Linder said...

I loooved seeing this! I also listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class. It's one of my favorites along with Politics and Religion by Bro. Irvin Baxter and Stuff You Should Know. The sleeping car episode means so much more now seeing this! Thanks for sharing!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

JuliAnne!!! Your comment made me so happy! I've found a fellow friend that enjoys SYMHC!!! YAY!
Thanks for commenting - you made my day!


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