Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nicole's Birthday Celebration

Hello everyone! Nicole here to share a few pictures and moments from my birthday dinner. 

 February 10th fell smack dab in the middle of a raw food/green smoothie cleanse that my family was doing. We were also on this cleanse when Austin's birthday happened, and much cheating took place... Back when we were about to start the raw food detox, I knew my birthday was coming up so I went to planning it ahead of time. In my head and pinterest plans, no cheating was going to happen!

All my plans were dashed to smithereens that morning when I saw what my lovely sister 
had placed on my desk!
A Red Velvet donut AND a Tiramisu (amazing) Latte. Sugar overload. <3

Later in the day, we prepared everything for my dinner with the family. 
I was trying to hold on to the last vestiges of my "healthy party" idea...
Here is the beautiful "cake" Bethany mentioned on the 10th. 
I was so pleased and happy with my "cake". It was so fun and easy to make. We decided to forgo the tradition of doing a "mordida"... I wanted to keep all of my teeth :D

Along with the cake, we had cucumber hummus "cupcakes" and raw caramel dip with apples.
Cute, right? And the caramel dip was sooo good! If you want the recipe just ask in the comments! 

 Then Beth ruined it by plopping her delicious cooked chicken pot pie onto the table!

Grampa and Gramma :)

Alas, I wish were more photogenic and lady-like in my facial epressions...
Unfortunately, 99% of the pictures taken turned out with crazy faces.
(Atleast I was able to keep Abner and Tia Hayde entertained, right?)

And I end up looking like a wild animal.

And this is the face you make when someone succeeds in surprising you! 

Later that evening some of the saints surprised me with gifts! So sweet and thoughtful.

Everyone involved made my day so special from morning to night! Muchos tank yous :)



Mary Frances said...

Sooooo what was the gift that you were so surprised about??? I want the recipe for the carmel dip!!! Chicken pot pie...I just made FOUR yesterday...I wonder if we were making them at the same time!!!

Roulini Panggabean said...

Happy Birthday!! God bless the work y'all are doing there is Mexico. Also, I would appreciate getting that Carmel dip recipe. (;

Nicole Wakefield said...

Mary - It was a lovely perfume that I had been eyeing for a while :) Well this is a late post, so I don't think you and Beth were baking at the same time! She made hers on the 10th!

Roulini- Thank you!!

Okay for the caramel recipe I will just give the link to the recipe I used. I'm sure the recipe is very good as is, but I substituted coconut milk for the almond milk.


Stephanie Marchbanks said...

Love it!! 😍.. I am so behind on this blog but your cake and cupcakes is such a good idea and I will definitely be trying that recipe. I had a raw cake and lettuce wraps for my birthday in January. Hahaha

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