Monday, February 16, 2015

Pizza from Sparks, NV

A few weeks ago, we got a call from Pastor Nuemann in Sparks, Nevada. Their Sunday school had saved up their offerings for a whole Sunday school quarter and wanted to give it to missions. The Sunday school class chose our church in Puebla! After much deliberation, we decided that we'd have a pizza party for our Sunday school kids. 
Sunday afternoon, before church, we went out announcing with speakers on top of our car. We do this every Sunday, but this Sunday was special! Once the kids heard there was going to be pizza, they got verrry excited. 
We had also started a new quarter in Sunday school, which means new decor! 

I think it looks pretty cute! The theme is Alaska. 

Israel and Valentine carrying in the pizza

Bro. Paco leading the kids in a fun song

Repartiendo pizza... 

We told the kids the story about the Nuemanns and the church in Sparks and they thought it was so neat! Ailyn, one of our most faithful Sunday school girls let out a "awwwwww!" when we told her. It was so cute!  

Chowing down! 
Emanuel, the motor mouth

Sara and her Little Caesar's pizza 

"Thank you!" 

Thank you to the Nuemanns and the Sunday school of Souls Harbor Apostolic Church for thinking of us and blessing our Sunday school kids. We love and appreciate you all.


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Kim Ramos said...

I love all the Sunday school pics and ideas you put up! And I love what Bro. Nuemann's Sunday school did with their offering. Looks like an awesome party:)

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