Monday, February 23, 2015

A Special Birthday

Yesterday was Sis. Wakefield's birthday. To celebrate, we went to Italianni's for dinner after church. Of course the food was delicious and we enjoyed each other's company. Today us girls are going out to finish celebrating with an evening of relaxation - pedicures!

 As a special touch to the night - we got a totally awesome waiter. He was the nicest and most helpful guy ever! When we finished eating we asked to speak to his manager. I'm sure he was worried at first, but then seemed very surprised and happy when he found out we were so pleased with him.

Elder Wakefield's church threw her a party after their morning service. This is the cake they got her.

Happy birthday, Gramma! We love you "vewy vewy much", from the bottom of our hearts!



Jennifer Connell said...

I love your cake and cupcakes! lol Happy B-day again!
Btw... you like the Tiramisu latte? I had a Starbucks employee say [insert extremely feminine tone] "it's sooooo nasty." But I haven't tried it so I can't fully believe him. lol!

Nicole Wakefield said...

LOL! Oh goodness. Off with his head! I sense a promotion coming his way very quickly if he keeps up his "helpful" ways :)))

To each his own, but I do like the latte very much. The BEST way to enjoy the tiramisu latte is to get it as a frappuccino!!
Then again, it may taste differently here, because the U.S. Starbucks coffee is stronger. Us Mexicans like our coffee a little weaker haha.

Conclusion: Forget the outspoken barista and try it for yourself. :))

Jennifer Connell said...

LOL! I'll have to try it out then! And sorry, I meant to comment on your bday post! Oh well.
I'm gonna go back and get one now... lol

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