Wednesday, February 4, 2015

For All You Foodies: Don Pastor!

As you all know, Beth and I absolutely love wandering aimlessly around our beautiful dowtown/zocalo area. We have clocked in many, many hours just getting lost exploring in our city. About a year ago, when we were doing some of our wandering, we walked past this really eye-catching little taco restaurant. The lights were so bright and the colors so vibrant! We made up in our minds that we would stop and eat there one day! Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago. We were once again downtown shopping for Sunday School supplies with Dad. By the time we got done we were all ready for a meal. The memory of this little place suddenly popped into my mind! We walked and walked, and then finally we found it!

Don Pastor!
Packed out is a goood sign! 

Beth with all of the salsas. La Mera Mera, the fourth one was soo good. Totally unique flavor. 

 There is no one word to describe this place.... It is so funny, charming, entertaining, and unique! They have put so much creativity into every aspect of the place. We sat at our table, enraptured with all of the signs and baubles hanging everwhere.
Fake phone lines stringing above the tables with the occasional pair of tennis shoes hanging from them... Hilarious! This is so Mexico.

Our waiter informed us that there was a new safety addition to the building...
Earthquake Alarm
"Alarma Pal Temblor" -- a bunch of bottles hanging together :)) 

This is their menu. The names of the different plates had us laughing! Sigh, I would translate the names, but I don't think I could do justice to all of the double-meaning humor. So this ones for all you Spanish speakers out there!

Funny! The sign hanging from this frazzled looking power box says "Importante: No Desconectar (Se va el guay fay" LOL. "Important: Don't Disconnect (The wifi will turn off)"

Yours truly!

Dad's food. A chorizo-bisteck cemita!

Beth and I shared this alambre... But for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of this plate!! It was one of those funny ones...
Thumbs up for the food! It was good and the atmosphere was so fun!
For all of you that are planning trips to visit us, remind us to take you here-- You'll love it!


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