Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Trimester Finished

A couple Sundays ago, we had our end-of-the-trimester party. We played a super fun game that involved candy and small prizes wrapped in a saran-wrap ball. (Thank you, Pinterest!) 
Bro. Paco had a huge list of questions that covered all the lessons of the past 12 weeks. The kids would pass the ball until it got to somebody that could answer the question correctly. This kid would then have 5 seconds to unravel the saran-wrap ball as fast as they could to get as many prizes as possible. 

Explaining the rules of the game

There'd be a raucous countdown from the kids and adults as one child unraveled the ball....

Carolina unraveling the ball

Austin was craziest unraveler - he did the most damage to it! 

Me! Me! Me me me! 

Bro. Paco enjoying the game

We have the absolute best group of girls - some of them do not know each other from outside of church, but when they get to Sunday school they are the best of friends. They really know how to bind together as a team and crush the boys to smithereens at any game! 

Each trimester we have some sort of contest. This trimester, it was a competition to see who could get the most stars. The kids earned stars by memorizing verses, bringing a visitor, and being on time for Sunday school. If they brought a parent or grandparent they got double stars! Most of the kids (hehe) worked very hard, but as these things go, we had some kids that totally blew everyone out of the water.
Nicole getting ready to announce the winners

First place winner - Sara! (The girl in the yellow)
January was a good month for her! She got the Holy Ghost at our New Years conference then won the Sunday school contest! 

Second place winner - Ailyn! 
 "Which one is she?" You ask. Well lets take a closer look. 

Look at the total shock on her face! She was so surprised! 

First and second place winners for the girls

First and second place winners for the boys
Choyo won first place and Eliu (in yellow) won second!

Cake walk! 

Carlos and Nicole -
Carlos is a sweet little guy with a sad story. Both his parents abandoned him and a neighbor took him in. He's never been to school, doesn't know how to read, doesn't even know his last name. Sara, the girl that won first place in the contest, is the one that has started bringing him. He always comes with a huge smile on his face and looking so happy. We are excited to have him and are looking forward to seeing God touch his life! He can be Carlos from Tabernaculo de Victoria! 
 We always finish class with a snack. It was a special Sunday so we had a special snack. Nachos!
Nicole and I with our pile of jalapeƱos 

Pastor y Valentin

Ana Belen enjoying her nachos
There's been quite a bit of stuff happening lately and I'm getting a little behind with all the pictures! I'm going to try to blog every day this week to catch up so check back tomorrow!


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