Saturday, April 7, 2012

Got Our Fill of Snow

Here are some pictures of our trip to Reno.....we had a ton of fun and loved seeing all the snow!!

We stopped at a rest area to touch the snow. This dog bounded up to Bro. Dad and proceeded to use el baño right there. When he finished, he slid down down the slope of snow on his rear, scooting all the way! His owners were mortified, but we were howling with laughter. 

Eating my first Cadbury egg of the season...heavenly!!!!! 

A Treyvon Martin protest in downtown Reno

El Pastor preaching at the Nuemann's church in Reno

One of Nuemann's huuuuuuge dogs!! 

Look at them! I just want to pinch those flappy cheeks! 

Love this pictures....makes Nicole look like an ant!

Us with the Neumann girls! 
Me (holding Lexi), Nikki, Destiny, Nicole, and Renae

The Nuemanns...such a sweet and hospitable family! 
They took us to PF Changs on Sunday. The food was so amazing, I was positively bouncing with delight!!
(Good Chinese food does not exist in Puebla). 

Lexi..."will you play with me?" What a cutie! 

As we were leaving the dog tried to climb in with us :P

Aaaaaaaah!! Snow!! 

Nicole and her white chocolate mocha

Dad putting chains on the car

So cold, but so beautiful! 

We got stuck at the top of Donner Pass for about an hour and a half. We all were needing to use the loo, but the snow plow had pushed a wall of snow into the entrance of the rest stop. We agreed to make a run for the baños in the blustery snow. Nicole and Dad had boots on, but I only had some flimsy flats. So we just all locked arms and took off running! OWWWWWWW, snow HURTS. I think got an idea of what frostbite is like. 
In the words of Nicole, "Snow is all fun until you have to touch it." Ha! 

Ice on my face...and look at Nicole's cheeks! 
While stuck at Donner Pass, we got to laughing reeeeeeally hard. 
El Pastor made up a joke. 
Q: How did the Donners stay warm?
A: By running from each other. 

They said, "Bethany laughed her head off so we ate it."
(We were loopy from boredom :)


Snow-ball/ice chunk fight in the car

We stopped to eat at Panda Express...delicious Chinese food....I shall miss it! 

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Jennifer Connell said...

The snow is beauttifffulll! We got stuck at the top of Donner Pass too, one year. We were there for hours! People got sick, it was bad. lol Glad you guys had fun when you were out here and also glad you're back home with everyone again! God bless!

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