Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Congreso de Jovenes 2012

This past weekend, we loaded up a huge tour bus with 59 humans and headed to Mexico City for the Congreso de Jovenes.

 Our bus was pretty plush, but I do believe the seat armrests were possessed. Only when you got the point of extreme desperation would they click into place. Apparently I never arrived at that point because I was constantly falling into the aisle...kind of. 

I got to chat all the way to Mexico City with my little English-speaking friend, Eliana.

Abner was a little nervous about preaching as this was his biggest crowd yet. During the ride he pulled out his notes and started looking them over. He obliged Nicole and I when we asked him to pray down the anointing right there.

My bus trip partner

There we bees! 

During each service, young people from each church were asked to testify. 
This is a young man from Mexico City that is in charge of the Sunday school program over there.

Lorenzo from the Loa's church in Toluca

Then Abner got up and preached..."Let the Fire Fall"
We all felt so proud!
^^*Proud Momma Moment*^^

Prayer request: in the very center of this picture, there is a young man with a special need. He has a hand growing out of his chin.

Abner used these 2 young men as an example

For the 2nd service, Nicole, Bro. Isai, Abner, and I did the music...
(Nicole just told me she thought Clint Brown's brother is Timothy Spell LOL!!!!)
Anyways, here we are as the vortex of light eats my head. 

After the song service, I went to go sit down and realized there were NO seats!!
It was absolutely packed out!

Tio Mario preached the 2nd service...I thought it was SO GOOD...I found out later that everyone else was fighting sleep the whole time.

3rd service...El Pastor Grampa preached...he informed the congregation that 4 people had requested that he "keep it short". Ha! Well he did keep it short (everyone was exhausted), but we had a really good altar call.

Got to see my friend Dacia!! It's sad, I only got to chat with her for a little bit in the morning. :( For the rest of the day we were running in opposite directions.

On the way home.......
......There IS a downside to having a bathroom on the bus!!!
At least we THOUGHT there were bathrooms. I'm thinking now, maybe it was just bedpans. It shore did stank.


Nicole and Juders

Me and Eliana laughing at Nicole.
Nicole has these days every once in a while, when she is SO. SO. SO funny.
Saturday was one of those days.

Love the looks on their faces!
Nicole: Weeeee!
Abner: Ehhhhhh.......

This is Nicole demonstrating what it is like trying to sleep on an airplane, in between two strangers:
Stage 1: Dead asleep and drooling,

Stage 2: Waking up, very disoriented.

Stage 3: Suddenly very awake and realizing the gravity of the situation (and your dry mouth).

Stage 4: Quickly wiping the drool off your chin and hoping no one saw you
(Although there is not much luck of that after a 4-hour flight).
Ring, ring for the stewardess.....and ask if they have any Altoids and water. 

 From the looks of it, some people were starting to go a little wack from the long drive

This is how to sleep and travel. Notice the 2-lip contact and dry chin.

PS....Did you know that Martha Munizzi is WHITE?? I didn't until today.

Another thing...Speaking of sleeping on airplanes. On the airplane headed home a few weeks ago, I sat  between one really skinny elderly lady and one nice fluffy, comfy-looking, pillow-armed lady (neither of which was Nicole). I was freezing to death, but these kind ladies didn't look like they wanted to chat...or snuggle. Talk about being completely out of luck.



Jennifer Connell said...

Bethany, you are HILARIOUS girl. I love your posts!! Nice prayer request...I was getting all serious thinking, "oh no, somebody has a serious need I need to pray for." Lol Then I read the rest and saw the pic! Also, nice poses by Nicole. Haha! It's hilarious to see people fall asleep on airplanes.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

HA!! I know it is!!! I sat by a man about a month ago that was sleeping on the plane...till someone slammed the overhead bin and he jerked awake and almost punched me in the face!! LOL, it was HILARIOUS.


Cherie said...

Your hair is CUTE, sis!

Looks like you guys had a blast, and I'm totally jealous :P

I will see you all in just a couple months....I can't wait!!

Dacia Loa said...

I was totally fighting sleep during Bro. Mario's preaching! LOL! And so were all of our youth. I felt SO bad afterwards! My dad kept looking at me and telling me: WAKE UP! :D

Anali V. said...

I honestly enjoy reading your blog. I met Nicole but I'll meet you some day Bethany! (Is that stalkerish? lol)

My school is currently offering an all paid for, 2 week travel abroad in Puebla for the summer. I'll be applying if I stay at this school!

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