Monday, April 30, 2012

Dia del Niño

Hello everybody!! Today was Dia del Niño here in Mexico, which means Children's Day. It is very celebrated with shows and toys of course lots and lots of candy. Our Sunday school kids decided that instead of getting a bag of candy like usual, they'd rather go to the park. So today, 23 of us smooshed ourselves into a 12 passenger van and headed to El Parque Ecologico.

Sis. Marisol in the trunk with a bunch of kids
When we got there, the kids just lit up with happiness! These kids rarely get to leave their own neighborhoods so this was a big whoppin' deal for them. 


Eliu and Dansito

About 10 adults went also and we had a fun time watching the kids and visiting with each other. 

 Our picnic table

This is one of our Sunday school teachers...she is just a kid at heart! 

How to eat an orange

Again, Lolita playing with the kids. 
Nicole and I were laughing about how we are so glad Lolita likes games because neither of us were about to go out there and join the game of Freeze Tag. Do you KNOW how frustrating that game is?!?! *Hot flashes*

Having a snack

I remember when Nicole and I were little we were the monkey bar queens! I literally had callouses on my hands from so much twisting and flipping. Monkey bars are the national playground toy of Mexico. 

Snugglin' with Nicole

La llorona, Lolita, and myself

Look at Choyito, the crazy little kid in red. What a cutie! 

Dog pile!

Marcos and Rocio

The boys

 Passing out lunch

This looks like one of those food lines you see in Africa...
But here we are with our tortas! 

Picky little Judah...protecting his food. 

Lil' boog

Sis. Elvira and myself

 After lunch the adults played a very abbreviated game of volleyball

And before we knew it, it was time to pack ourselves back into the van and go back home! 


Anonymous said...

Parece que tuvieron un dia muy divertido!!! Que bonito el grupo de niños.

Martha said...

What a great way to spend the day with all your Sunday School kids! =)

amygardner said...

I like the pictures of "Picky Little Judah" eating his food. It looks as though food is a very serious subject indeed for the cute lil guy! lol. Don't get too close, he might begin gnawing his way into your food, too! He is aDORable!!!

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