Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dinner: Patitas de Pollo

Me, holding our dinner, bought right off the street:
^^ My esquite (chopped corn in a cup) and Bethany's elote (an ear of corn on a stick). What you'll normally find in esquite is corn, a squeze of lime, cheese, a pile of mayo (that has probably never been refridgerated in its whole clumpy existence), and chili powder in abundance. Mmm! Definitely a favorite!

When I heard the guy coming down the street announcing his "elooootes y esquiiiites", I immediately knew what I wanted for dinner! :)
But this time, as I walked up to his cart, he was serving up a cup of corn to another lady.... and I noticed something sticking out of the top of her cup... somthing that looked like fries...
As I got closer, I realized what was actually invading her corn...
 My next thought was, "Ahh! I have to try those and blog about it!"
...Oh the things we do for you, our dear readers. Hahaha.
No, sir those are not french fries! :))
The little corn invading "delights" were chicken feet!

Mm Mm Mmm! About to dig in! ...Hey, I actually did taste them!
(But only because I was told that my prim and proper Tia Hayde eats them... I believe my exact words were: "If my Tia Hayde eats them, then they can't be that bad"...)
Never again!
Ew!! They were so slimy! AND freezing cold! I'm just hoping they were even cooked! Haha!
Okay Bethany just told me, "They're better fried". Wow. Yay, I sense another chicken feet post coming but "a la fried"! :)))

Needless to say, after my first taste, these little slimeballs were quickly pulled out of my beloved cup of corn.

Here's little Punkin' on her new-found perch :)
Yeah, she pretty much rules the roost around here...
Bossy little thing!

Hope you guys have an awesome day!

Your self-sacrificial and adventurous eater,



amygardner said...

Vance (my son) says, "Yuuuuck!"
Oh course, as brave, bold, and reckless as he can be on his bike, his taste buds are quite the opposite. They sit around in his mouth like old ladies; knitting socks and slowly rocking in their rocking chairs. They pass the time by severely criticizing any strange food that should dare to pass through his lips.
That being said, I think I might have to agree with him.

Now, fried?...I might try. Anything fried is just about as good as it gets! lol. Please post that experience!!! lol.

Dylan Barnwell said...

I'm not sure that I could eat chicken feet either haha. And hey Nicole id like to catch up sometime if you even remember me. My number is 478 230 7993.

Anonymous said...

:( Queee verguenza!!!

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