Monday, April 9, 2012

Enchilada Celebration!

So let me officially announce that I, Nicole Wakefield, am home! And boy, am I happy! I felt like hugging everything in sight as soon I got into Puebla! :))
Bethany and I flew in a week ago and will be staying part time with our grandparents and part time at our own house. We are currently "chilling" in our own abode :)))

This past Saturday, our Tia Hayde kept her promise to me of making her amazing enchiladas for me on my return to Mexico!  

Hanging out while the enchiladas were being prepared...
These two are addicted to music! They're constantly searching and learning new songs for church. :))

My 3 beloved enchiladas:

Tio Mario's 6 enchiladas:
We don't know where he puts all the food he eats! Haha!


I love my family :)

I was so thrilled to be in my own church this Sunday! 
There is really no place like home.
I missed our people so much! 

After the service, Lolita and her family invited us over for dinner.
I got to spend some time with my little monkey Judah! 
When I saw Judah for the first time on Sunday, he threw his arms up to be held and when I picked him up he gave the tightest hug ever and told me, 
"te quiero muchisimo!" (I love you so much!) 
Awww! I love my baby. 

Here's Judah stealing sugar out of the sugar canister on the table. :)) 
Sneaky little guy... Good thing his mom wasn't in the room!

Bethany loves her green salsa! ;P



Dacia Loa said...

Nicole!! Welcome back to Mexico!!! :)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank youuu!! :) :)

Mario said...

hey sobrina, yo no comi solo 6 enchiladas, van a creer que yo como muy poquito y cuando me inviten me voy a quedar con hambre

Michael, April and Ryan Cooke said...

Hi! Love, love, love your posts!!! Those enchiladas look yummy...would you post recipes on here??? Please???? LOL! Thanks in advance from Goodyear, AZ =)

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