Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cupcake Date!

Last Saturday, two of our little girls in the church came up to me with a lot of questions that started with asking, "do you still make 'pastelitos' (cupcakes)?", "could you make 50 pastelitos?", and ended with "when are you going to make more pastelitos?".... 
Very inquisitive little gals haha.
:) I got the hint, so I beat them to the punchline-- 
And that's how I ended up making 50 cupcakes and 5 cups of buttercream frosting early yesterday morning!
Good thing I love baking :)
Who can resist something as cute as a cupcake??

My little "helper".... 
You'd be surprised at how good he is at eating these things! :))

Anahy and Daniela showed up, accompanied by a surprise guest...

...Little Lalo walked them over!
 I may or may not have specifically told the girls "don't bring your brothers", due to past experiences involving uninvited brothers.... 
But hey, who am I to set the rules? I just bake the cupcakes :))
Haha, for the first little bit he just sat and watched the girls decorate, but then briefly sacrificed his macho-manliness to decorate a couple cupcakes.
I think he styled his hair to fit the event... Ha! Cupcake-do!

While they dressed up cupcakes to take home to their families, I decorated several to sell on Sunday for the youth fundraiser.

Lovely lovely!

 The girls' line-up of cupcakes. Colorful! 

Eating some of their creations...

Here they are on their way out-
Anahy and Lalo

Miss Dimples... a.k.a. Daniela :))

I do have to admit that these cupcakes are the very best that I have ever made! 
...And I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that this is the first bread/cake that I have had in half of forever :))
Proof that they were amazing: 
Bethany "I-hate-cupcakes" Wakefield raved about them... 
And also ate an undisclosed number of them in only one hour!
( amount, though, that did not exceed 3!)
Hahaha :))

I'm not the only cupcake lover in the family! ;)



Dallas and Dakota's Mom said...

Your cupcakes look amazing and delicious!!
Janaya :)

Martha said...

Beautiful cupcakes! It looks like you all had fun decorating and eating them. Oh, I hope your fundraiser did well. =)

Anonymous said...

Insisto, debes poner un negocio!!! Nunca había visto unos cupcakes tan bonitos. Cuando haces unos para nosotros??? jajaja.

amygardner said...

Adorable! You're really good at that! They look positively heavenly! I think the most talent I have in cupcake decorating is...I can drizzle chocolate syrup really well. Well, sort of. lol.

dylan barnwell said...

Nicole? That looks like fun.

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