Monday, April 16, 2012

Downtown, Candy, & Art

Me and Bethany love our downtown! So last Saturday we decided to take a trip down there. This was my first time to go there in more than 4 months! We walked and walked... There's so many little shops to walk around in, and so many sights to see! You can people-watch for hours! :))

Like good Americans, our first stop was at the Golden Arches for 2 McFlurries!
Mmm! Twix for me! ;P
We decided to sit down in the middle of the zocalo and eat our ice cream.
After sitting and talking for a little while, a group of girls came up to us and asked us "You can do interview?" :) This isn't the first time that this has happened. Schools here have started giving out assignements to their students to interview foreigners, so we've had our share of random people coming up and asking us questions...

They always have their assigned list of questions that they have to ask you. The only ones I object to are "where you live", "when you going back", or "what your social security".
HAHA just kidding about that last one... We have yet to have that one asked!
Looking at this list brings back memories of going to public school here in Puebla. It's so funny to me how they do their work here-- One example is when you write a sentence you have to write the first capital letter in red, do the rest using your black pen, then end in red...

After Beth finished answering all the questions, they asked her to write a letter in English.
Haha, Bethany got in her witnessing for the day. :)))

Funny little mannequin guy... dressed in the traditional garb.
...for a woman :))

After the interview we meandered over to the Parian. This is the main souvenier place for the tourists to go to. The Parian is always full of foreigners!

I absolutely love Mexico!

Here is one of the many candy shops.
The Parian is where Beth and I go to for our favorite candy. Dulce de Leche. Mmm :)

Here's a little tip for the next time you're in the Parian:
A nice shop-keeper will usually sell these to you for 12 to 15 pesos. If they try to charge 20 pesos, just move along! There are plenty of other little shops to buy it from!
Or, when they see that you don't like their price and that you're walking away, they will yell after you, "OKAY! 15 pesos!!".
(That is always nice, seeing that it saves you from going to another shop.) Hahahaa. :)))
Here is the coveted dulce de leche:

Knicknacks galore!

"Virgencita Plis
Cuida Mi Casa"
First I thought to myself, "Huh, I've never heard of that virgin before... I know there's Juquila, Carmen, Nuestra Senora de los Remedios, Guadalupe, etc...."
Then I got it..... And laughed... 
"Plis"-- Spanish for "please"!

More candy... :))

One last picture before we left the Parian!

Then we visited some of the talavera shops... They make some pretty mirrors!

La Beth :)

A row of little titeres! Marionettes I believe they are called in English.

Oooh here's my favorite part of our trip! The art street! It's amazing to watch an artist at work.
There is so much talent on this street!

This man just used a funny looking pointed metal tool to paint...
(Such informed vocabulary, I know. Obviously I'm not an artist. Hahaha)

Another artist... So much detail in this painting!

Whew! We then did the long trek to the bus stop.
 We were so ready to see this big beautiful bus. ;P
Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse into parts of our downtown!
Come down and visit us and we'll give you the grand tour! It's even better in person. ;)

The End! :)



amygardner said...

Thank you for the tour! You have a beautiful downtown! You've also peaked my interest in the dulce de leche! I enjoyed the tour from my living room here in Glendale, AZ. Funny thing, though, I don't feel as though I've benefitted from the exercise. lol.
My 6-year-old daughter loves reading your blog! You are on her daily prayer list (she got the Holy Ghost last year). Speaking of the girl, she would like to know if she can "come over to your house and get one of your little kittens to keep". (she has no concept of distances - in fact, I would go so far as to say she is directionally challenged.) You'll have to keep us posted on the progress of the kittens...minus the choking. haha.
Love to all of you from Pastor R.G. Garrett's church,
Sis. Amy Gardner, Bro. Ray Gardner, Vance and Rachel

Anonymous said...

cool blue shoes wera ;)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

@ The Gardners

You're welcome! :) Haha your daughter sounds so sweet. Tell her we said thank you for her prayers!

Aydee said...

Oh my goodness girls you ladies are too much fun! Thanks for the tour. I enjoy your posts about your town and such so much! Makes me miss my home :( Oh and the candy pictures made me extra anxious to be visiting Guanajuato soon! I cannot wait!

Thanks for sharing your many adventures! :)

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