Monday, March 26, 2012

Guess Where Beth Is?!!!

Nicole: "
Tuesday morning I was making my breakfast when my mom came in and told me that my grandpa's brother, my "Uncle Mike", was flying in and we were going to pick him up. I knew it was Bethany and was going to play along, but did consider trying to mess with her plans by refusing to go. I was really anxious to see her though so I played along." 
Austin: "There was something suspicious about the "Uncle Mike" thingy. I was trying to wink at Nicole, but I could get only one eye closed. While we waited for Beth's plane to land, we ate at the mall. My mom thought I was having a shunt failure so I laid my head down on the table and acted like I was tired. I poked my ear out like a cup, and spied on my mom and dad's conversation. I didn't want to make it too obvious, but I heard my mom say, "I want it to be a surprise for Nicole!" Then Dad whispered, "No, just tell it to her, we already know!"
I thought it was partly a joke and partly serious. When we got in the car I told Nicole, "I have some valuable information from the enemy!" I felt guilty so I was going to tell everyone what I'd heard, but I would blow the secret from Mom and Dad, but also pull the wool over the eyes of the victim."
Bethany: I was sitting in the airport Tuesday morning waiting to board my first flight, headed to Dallas when all of a sudden, what I thought was a dizzy spell, started swirling my brain around in my head. Then I realized it was an earthquake. What a nice send-off!! It left me feeling off-kilter for the rest of the day. 

Nicole's back was to me as I came down the elevator and she didn't see me until I had stepped off. 

I was envisioning hugs and lots of tears, but the first thing I heard was, "Why do you have blood on your face?!?!" I really have no hard evidence, but I did sit beside a strange lady on the airplane. She was reading a book called The Healing Code and was snapping and whispering to herself for the whole flight. She might have stabbed me when I wasn't looking. (Which was not much, as I could not help but gawk at her and her antics). 

Finally we hugged. 
 No one had a tissue to sop up my bloody face so I was forced to use a pair of (clean) socks I was carrying in my purse. I knew they'd be good for something. 

 Back together again after almost four months
(Can't stop laughing.......this should be submitted to the file of Awkward Family Photos). 

The next day, Nicole lovingly re-introduced me to the U.S. with a series of ritualistic patented "Awkward" punches. 

 Nicole got her due reward. 

I felt like I was being followed by the paparazzi on my first day back.  

We went and satisfied my first craving. Thai tea with boba in downtown Sacramento. Mmm!

  I am so happy to be back together with my family! I didn't realize how much I really missed them until I actually saw them. At dinner Austin came up and just started hugging on was so sweet! I missed my little buddy. 



Cherie said...

This is the sweetest, most hilarious post ever. I loved it!!

Miss you guys!

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Mary Frances said...

Awwwwww!!!! You guys gonna be in AZ at all?!?!?!

Kathy McElhaney said...

Welcome to the US! Glad you're all together again. LOVE the awkward photo ;)

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