Sunday, March 11, 2012

No Limits!

No Limits 2012!

When we found out about No Limits just a few weeks ago, we were excited to hear that it was very close to where we're basing out of, and amazingly the dates of this conference --the 7th, 8th, and 9th-- were completely free of doctors appointments and other obligations!
We had a really good time talking and visiting with all of our friends.

Okay so I (Nicole! Lol, hi I'm back!) was not really expecting to see a lot of youth that I knew --I knew all the "old" people, but wasn't sure if any of my younger friends would be there! 
But surprise surprise! I was delighted to run into my lovely friend Brittany!
And hallelujah, through out the conference I kept on running into many more friends, and even made a few new ones. :)

More friends!
Alex & Kassia

This picture makes me laugh...
Looks like she's burping me :))

The amazing Kendra Thaler! ;P
I was so happy to finally meet her!
She has an awesome apostolic hair/fashion blog... Click on the link to check it out!

 Bro. PJ White with his wife and son! :)

After each night service, all the ministers were invited over to the Wilson's home for food and fellowship.
They are blessed with a lovely home.

Huge mirrors make taking group pictures so much easier :))
We go way back..... Like all the way to January. :))

"Keeping it spiritual"

 The next morning, in the second session, Missionary Raul Alvear preached!
I always love hearing his testimony and about the work in Brazil! 

Me and the handsome Austin Wakefield...
Pizza Rock!
My mom discovered this place from her favorite CD.....
Yeah, I know we're 3 months past Christmas but yeah.... She loves it. Really. Such a loyal fan. :)))
Anyways, one day in the car my mom and I were listening to Tyler Sullivan's Christmas CD (back in December), and we get to "Jingle Bells" and if you have the CD, you know how it starts off with the sounds of a crowd in the background and people talking and ordering food in a restaurant. Well, after the 30th time of hearing this song, we actually listen to what Tyler is saying in the background and he mentions something about having Thanksgiving dinner at "Pizza Rock".
Well, my mom of course wondered wether it was an actual place or not! And lo and behold, a few weeks later, she and my dad found it in Old Sac by accident!
We have been there like, 4 times in the past month or so and are now, like.... old, honorary, seasoned Pizza... Rockers... Haha.

Pizza Rock is one of those cool places that puts paper on the tables so you can doodle while you wait!
Austin is an exceptional doodler :))
And he even numbered his pictures for easier following-along!

Mis Padres!


My pizza space :))
Third and last day of the conference!
Missionary Matt Tuttle tore it up!
Honestly, when I saw the line-up of speakers, this day was what I was looking forward to most! 2 missionaries in one day! :)))
I think I may be biased though, being a missionary and all....
But you know it's true-- missionaries are awesome. :)) 

The amazing dessert table at the Wilson's.
Wow. Look at all those calories.

This cake right here wins the contest, hands down.
Red Velvet and vanilla cake layers, with cream cheese frosting, and then covered with sugar-coated rose petals! All edible!
De-li-cious. And beautiful!
Love these girls!


Britt and I then took the shuttle, provided by the Rock church, back to the church thinking that we would change our clothes and head over to the youth lock-in a few blocks away from the church! Long sentence haha.
Well, we changed, then headed back outside to catch the shuttle to the lock-in.... Well turns out there was no more shuttles picking people up!  And the doors locked behind us!  .....(It was like 1:30-ish AM)
 So let me paint a quick word picture for all of you out there.....
There we are, just us two girls, in front of the locked up Rock church, standing in a massive, dark, deserted parking lot. Okay there were a few lights, and like 10 cars. But we still got freaked out and I made sure I had my handy dandy mace in my hand. LOL.
While we dwelled upon our dilemma, thankfully, a nice church security guy drove up in a little golf cart and one of us started calmly walking up to where he had parked and one of us started frantically running up to the guy, yelling for him to "WAIT!!". <---(Not me, by the way.) HAHA :)) Love you Britt!
We explained our problem and the nice security guy offered to run us over to where the youth event was being held.
So there we went, 30 miles an hour in an open little golf cart thingy. It was freezing. And not the safest thing in the world but hey-- we made memories :))
Here we are, on our little adventure haha.

We arrived!
This is actually the only picture I got of the whole event. A game of duck duck goose. LOL
It was very entertaining to watch.

We then did that thing called "mingling"...
Which I'm not good at, by the way. Especially not at 2am.
If you know me at all, you know my preferred bedtime is 9pm. 10 at the latest.
I know, I know, I look like a teenager, but really, I swear I'm pushing 80. :)) 
So --while vacillating between berating myself for putting my anti-social sleep-loving self in this situation, and giving myself pep-talks like "Come on Nicole, you can do this! Only 2 more hours to go!"-- I went to find some coffee.
And I found some.
Some really nice people gave it to me.
I won't name any names though, because it turns out that it was only for the staff.

Dear Anonymous Coffee Providers:
Thank you. I really am very grateful for the coffee. I enjoy any kind of coffee, any time of the day, 7 days a week. But you gave me coffee when I most needed it, and for that you will forever be remembered and appreciated.

That being said, I think the very yummy, appreciated coffee was decaf.
Coffee should never be decaf. True story.
Because sadly, it did not make a dent in my sleep-deprived grumpy brain.
Maybe I was just too far gone.

Post-coffee pictures:
 Like I said, I was too far gone. LOL.

Sorry again for ruining the pictures, girls! :))
Oh and hi Anali (another fellow blogger!)! It was so nice to meet you!
Really it was nice!
Pictures can be deceiving.
 Kas and I.
I was able to muster up one last smile for her... Haha, maybe I felt bad for ruining the above two picture which were actually taken on her phone. (Gracias!)

And that is the sum total of the No Limits conference!
It was wonderful to hear some good, English preaching and hang out with dear friends.
I'll be signing off now!

Be sure to check back soon, because I am way behind in updating about the past few weeks... Many things have been going on... Like church, dentist appointments, Sunday with the Connells, doctors appointments, more church,  more doctors visits, and many trips to Walmart.

Update on moi:
I am getting better and gaining weight and all that fun stuff. *thumbs up*
I will be tip-top in no time at all, if only by sheer will power.
And prayer of course haha :)))
No really, please continue to pray! My family and I really, truly appreciate you all and your prayers.
I am of course, desperate to return to the U.S.  (oops!! typo! LOL) Mexico, having been in the U.S. for almost 4 whole months. It's despicable.
...Me and the U.S. used to have a love-hate relationship.
Now I'm pretty sure it's just hate.
So yeah, I am currently wrapping up final visits to various doctors and waiting for a "clean bill of health".
 Or in other words, have my docs tell me that all tests have come back negative so really they don't know what's wrong with me :P But hey, I gotta stay positive. Lol.

Primero Dios, I shall be back in my beloved Puebla within the next 2 weeks!

Okay I'm gone--



Anali V. said...

Haha it was nice meeting you Nicole, even if you were tired...but weren't we all? I got home at 5am so I understand. Hopefully I'll see a more awake side of you at OnCourse this week!

allanatohonduras said...

AWW! I am soo glad that you finally might be CLOSE to getting back HOME!! I am also glad that you are doing a little better...or you are willing yourself better!!! Can't wait to meet you!

Nicole Wakefield said...

@Anali- Well..... You saw my awake side!! LOL :)) It was nice to see you again.

@Allana- Thank you... and yeeessss!!! Hallelujah! I can't wait to get back home :)
I'm looking forward to meeting you and your family too! you know something I don't?... like a date/place/time?? LOL

Kendra Thaler said...

I am glad we got to meet! I wish we would have gotten a chance to talk.. When I walked away from meeting you and your mom, my husband was like, who was that? I was like, "the Wakefield's, missionaries to Mexico!" He knows who that is because I talk about this blog :) He was like WOW that is so cool!!! :) We pray for the work in Mexico and all of our missionaries. It was a privilege to meet ya'll!! <3

Seth Murphy said...

Hey Nicole! How are you? I had a great time hanging out with you and your family! Had lots of fun in the snow. I hope you guys get to come and actually enjoy it at some point. LOL
No Limits was a blast! Great caption for the pic of me playing the piano! Haha I always remember to "Keep it spiritual" haha! Good memories! :)
I hope all is well there in Mexico and I am continuing to pray for you and your family. I hope you guys can come visit us again sometime!
God Bless!
Have a good one!

Seth J. Murphy

Nicole Wakefield said...

Seth, it's good to hear from you! I'm doing good. Yeah, we do need to come back, and maybe we'll remember our chains the next time! Haha :)) It was fun spending time with you all.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
Tell your family that the Wakefields said hi!


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