Monday, March 5, 2012

"That Bum"

This past weekend I went to the other side of Puebla to go to my church and stay in my own house for a few days. I didn't realize how much I really had missed my house until I got there!! I also had a good time running around the colonia visiting the church people that live near-by. I got to see my neighbors, go downtown on the bus, and just piddle around my house and colonia!  

On Monday, I went over to the elementary school to visit a couple sisters from church that sell food and candy as the kids let out. Most of our Sunday school kids go to this school so I got to see them also. 
On my way there, I ran into Pacatelas. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember him!  He known is known as the "town drunk"...But there is no soul too lost for Jesus to save! I met him for the first time a couple years ago and one time he even came and visited us at church! Sometimes he embarrasses me because he tends to be quite dramatic, but is very entertaining and I generally enjoy talking to him! 

Anyways, I could see he wanted to talk so I crossed over to his side of the street. He wanted to know why he hasn't seen me in so long so I explained that I am staying with my grandparents while my family is in the U.S. He tried to show off a little and speak to me in English. He always does this. 
After talking for about 5 minutes he looks at me and says, "...I know you...I've talked to you before!!" I wanted to laugh out loud, but maybe the alcohol affects his mind. I jogged his memory of our past visits and reminded him that he has visited my church. "Ohhhhhhh YESSS," He said. "I went and that man told me I couldn't come if I was drunk!" 
It's true! We had an over-zealous usher that made him leave. 
But I invited him again and he said he is going to come "after he shaves!" As we said goodbye, Pacatelas picked my hand up, bowed slightly, and kissed the back of it!! 
Oh man...he's too much! I asked to let me take his picture. At first he said no because his face was all hairy, but after a little pleading, he finally agreed! He took his sombrero off, clutching it to his chest. His hair was a disaster!! I told him, "How bout you put your hat back looks better!" 
So back it went on his head...crooked. :P

 A few minutes later I met up with him yet again.....he asked me if I had an umbrella. I said no. 
(People here are so worried about "turning black". Everyone walks around covering themselves with umbrellas. Well, I'm just a pale girl wishing I had their brown skin! Besides, I feel like a total snob walking around shading myself with an umbrella...and I love the feel of the sun burning my skin!) 
ANYWAYS. Pacatelas told me to wait for him on the corner. Said he'd be right back. 
So I wait. 
Ten minutes later he comes back and, very dramatically, presents me with this very nice umbrella. 
You have to understand, this man has nothing. He lives in a one-room shack about as tall as I am. I was speechless! I wanted to refuse...I felt like I was stealing his umbrella! But it would have been extremely rude  not to take it. So for the rest of the days I was at home, anytime I left the house, I had that umbrella with me, in case I ran into him again! 

The next day I went over to Sis. Elvira's house and she taught me how to make tortillas! 

A blown-up tortilla cooking on the stove


The tortillas that I made



Naomi said...


Even though I have never met you...I can tell you have a generous heart and the people in Mexico are Blessed to have such a sweet girl and family.... there, to share the Gospel with them.

Lord Bless You

Jennifer Connell said...

Bethany! I loved this post and I MISSED you this Sunday when your family came to be with our church! They are so sweet and were a blessing to us. Austin had us cracking up, he is a doll. I will post pictures soon, though I only have a few. :) Love you!!


Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so heartfelt and inspirational. I find your attitude inspiring and this post is a prime example of why Mary G. picked you to be the most recent ABQ... It nearly brings tears to my eyes to read about what compassion and burden you have for the people of Mexico. You have a true missionary's heart. There's something Pastor Garrett says when a new preacher comes to preach that I thought of that applies to you... "When I grow up, I want to be like you:)" Mary~Elizabeth "Miss Priss"

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