Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Fun Being a Kid

Thursday afternoon we went over to our assistant pastor's house. Sis. Elvira wanted to make Mexican food. 
So here is Nicole cooking the cheese for the molotes...

This is how we do it in Mexico...
We can't just turn on the sink for good water, we have to get it out of this jug. 
And believe me!! It's a LOT harder than it looks! 
...Many a time (in my inexperienced days of COURSE) have I dumped water all over the floor!
"HA! I MEANT to do that, okay!"

While we cooked, Austin and Javier wrestled.

Smash the dough into a tortilla, then fill it with goodies.

Here's a molote!

Nicole and Javier

After we ate we decided we wanted ice cream. So we went to find some. 
(Look at the muddy roads!! They are all torn up because they are in the process of paving them. 
We are excited about getting our road done, but the mud is a pain.)

I came prepared to have fun!
I know it looks like I'm shouting in the puddle, but I'm not...really.


We found a place where they sell ice cream.
We tasted it and...well it wasn't that great but we bought some anyways because we were desperate. :))
Really I wanted some Pinkberry or Coldstone...but heyyy...
We're not that advance yet!

Austin puddle-jumping.

He jumped in a puddle that was a little deeper than he expected it to be.
...and somehow soaked his face. Hopefully this water is just brown because of the mud...

Aawww! You KNOW it looks fun!!



Then a bum came while we were waiting for our ice cream. 
He was in an extremely talkative mood. He wouldn't go away.

And Nicole got scared. Ha!

I asked him if I could take a picture with him and he said yes. So I go to lean in...and he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to where my head was touching his!! Aaah!! All I could think was ..."Umm...LICE?!" 
It was hilarious! Anyways, I invited him to church he said he's gonna come on Sunday...I just hope he comes sober. :)

Walking back home with our bucket of ice cream...

Then we turned on music...and we turned it up a little bit...

Javier making paper boats...

Then we went outside and floated them. It was just. So. Fun. ;)

Then we jumped in more puddles...

And sat in the middle of the street and watched Austin splash around


And this is how we cope during our rainy season in Puebla, Mexico!


Mary Frances said...

OMW!!! That molote thing, WHATEVER it is it loooooooks SOOOO GOOD!!! What is it?! And the jumping in the puddles looks like FUN!! If I was there I would SOOOOO be with you!! And it probabley wouldn't be in the boots either!!! HAHA!!! Flip-flop mary Here she comes!!!
So do you know how to make tamales? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't!!! LOL ( LONG STORY!!! HAHA) Oh and one more thing, what kinds of food do you eat in Mexico, that aren't actually considered Mexican food AND is our Mexican food in the states anything like it over there AND do they really eat everything spicy or is that just an american thing..AND I'm thinkin maybe you should just make this into a blog post!!! Btw- what about that one 12-year-old boy that you were praying for about coming to church? Any news on him?
Mary :)

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahhah!! This is my new favorite blog. Hahahaha! U guys r awesome!

- Lindsy Weidner - said...

That looks like SO much fun! I'd love to puddle jump with you gals. ;-)

Anna said...

Hey girls! how are you?
sorry it took me awhile to check our your blog.
I didn't kknow you can have so fun splashing and running in the puddle. I should try that sometime lol I love your house. Looks like they did a real good job. And i love all pictures they are creative and interesting hmmm... :P

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