Friday, March 9, 2012

Mexico City

Last week Elder Wakefield and I took a trip to Mexico City. My Grampa had found a place that makes very nice Bibles and he wanted to go check it out. I was itching for adventure so I finagled my way into getting to go also! I was super excited, as I have always wanted to ride the infamous Metro! Since I was a kid I've heard the stories of people getting their wallats and purses stolen while riding. 

With a population of almost 23,000,000, Mexico City is the 3rd largest city in the world. The world's largest slum, Neza-Chalco-Itza, is also in Mexico City. Four million people living in one area. 
 So as you can imagine, there is lots to see, lots to do!! 

A bus with udders 

Grampa getting his shoes shined in the bus station. 

Entrance to the Metro in Mexico City. 

This is the Metro. We did not ride it during rush hour, thank God! 

This is what it looks like in rush hour. 
This is when people get there things stolen. There is a saying here--"They can steal your socks without removing your shoes." WOW!! I left my wallet and phone home. :P 

After asking directions to the place we wanted to go, we had to go down in this deep dark hole under the city...a tunnel just to cross the busy road. 

We walked and walked and walked...and walked
We were looking for the street called Fernando Montes de Oca. 
We thought we found it and walked for about a mile. After a while we realized we were actually on Fransisco Montes de Oca. So back we went. Asking directions everywhere. No one knew, not even the taxis. We definitely got our excersise!!! We walked about 5 miles that day. But I had a goood time! 

We have these "trash corners" on almost every street. 
They don't give out dumpsters here so everyone just piles their trash here and the trucks come pick it up. 
You can't even imagine the horrid smell. 

In the middle of our confusion we saw this sign to the place we wanted to go! 
What a relief...almost there! 

Finally we arrived at Biblias Abba...

Grampa picking out the Bible he wanted

Then you choose what leather and color of cover you want

Stacks of money bill folders...
I think there must be a drug ring going at the Bible place because why would they need all these money folders?!!!!! Nice cover-up, though. :P 

We asked if we could have a little tour of the factory in the back, where they make the Bibles. They agreed so here are a few pictures! 
This lady takes old Bibles that people bring in and puts new covers on them. 

This is the machine that writes your name on the front of the Bible in gold

This lady is doing something important, I'm sure

Doing something else

Cutting the leather

Making the leather into the right size

Bags of leather!!!
The leather is acutally in the shape of the was funny! 

The Metro

After the looooong ordeal at the Bible place, we left and found some tacos!

They were so good! 

I got a watermelon drink...drank a whole liter, all by myself. :P

Buying our tickets to ride the Metro back to the bus station

Grampa and I waiting for the Metro

Inside the Metro


The bus station

Saw this sign in the bus station and thought it was FUNNY!
Sanitarios does NOT mean toilets! A little "indelicate" :))

These are the bathrooms. You pay to get in, then just inside there is a lady manning the toilet paper. 
She hands however much she thinks you'll need, and that is that! 

Here is a picture of the Neza-Chalco-Itza slum in Mexico City. 
Houses, houses, and more houses, all smashed together!

This is really how a lot of neighborhoods are, even here in Puebla. Just house after house. 
At least it is clean though...

...Unlike this...

...and this.

And that is it!! I want to go back again some time and ride the Metro from one side of the city and back...just see what all there is to see!



allanatohonduras said...

Fun, fun, fun! There is just nothing like being an Mk and going exploring, eh? The place that makes Bibles looks neat! :D So I guess you are not missing your family TOO bad?? LOL Do you know when you will get to back to the states?

Mauricio Pedroza said...

Thank you for your story, I was able to see Mexico City through your eyes. I hope your Grandfather enjoyed his Abba Bible. They are the bomb!

Best wishes from the City.

Mauricio Pedroza

Yosef ben Yeshua Rivas said...

I was searching for the adress of abba Bibles, thanx! GBY!

Yosef ben Yeshua Rivas said...

I was searching for abba Bibles adress, you help me alot! GBY!

Anonymous said...

"I think there must be a drug ring going at the Bible place because why would they need all these money folders?!!!!! Nice cover-up, though."

Why do all Americans say stuff like this? typical America drug user.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I found some of your approach to the story telling very offensive. The comment regarding the drug ring especially. You don't really know what they're for, they're a book making business so it's no surprise they would make something else paper related such as money folders. A lot of negativity. In the end you had nothing stolen from you and you had a good time so I think the stereotypes and fears ended up being disproved or at least irrelevant to your experience no need to propel them forward like that.

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