Saturday, March 3, 2012

Church Services

Here are some pictures of church services we've had the past few months...
We had a family from Kansas bring their family from Guanajuato to the church here in Puebla. They had two of the cutest little boys. Here is the little one praying for his mom. So adorable!

These two little girls came up front during offering and just stood there holding hands. I was cracking up!

Grampa preaching

Us, riding in the back of Bro. Luis' truck. He takes us to our stop and from there we ride home on the buses!

Tio Mario
He is learning English from Nicole and I...Anytime he sees something touching, neat, or beautiful...his response is always "Ay!! So cute!!"

Racing down the highway with the wind blowing us to feels kind of exhilarating.

Tio Mario giving his testimony

Bro. Gelacio testifying

Abner testifying

Abner preaching



Allana Schreckhise said...

I am so glad to see you posting again! :D It had been awhile! Oh, and I really want to meet ya'll. I hope I get to meet ya'll sometime THIS side of Heaven! LOL Otherwise I don't know how long I will be waiting! But, so exciting to see all that is going on there in Mexico.

Abner said...

Hey esto si me gusta y mucho!!!

Cara said...

Love your blog posts, Bethany! They're touching and hilarious at the same time! :)

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