Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow, snow, & more snow!!

Here's some pics of what we've been doing for the past few days! It's been lots of fun. :)
We had a service with the Murphy's on Tuesday night, but unfortunately I forgot my camera in the car! But the next day we took a trip to Crater Lake and I did have my camera then! 
It was absolutely beautiful as you all will see... :)

On the drive up...

View of the front seat...

View of the back seat... 

And finally!!! SNOW!!! Oh my word I love the snow hahaha.

I was running around like a happy little puppy :)))
And thanks to photographer daddy, he captured my happiness very well! LOL.
What I really wanted to do was go up that big incline that you can see in the background, and fly down it on a sled... But, we didn't have any sleds with it!! :( Oh well I had fun anyways! ;P

Here we are! This is a typical picture of me... I need to learn how to shut my mouth for these things :)) It ruins the pictures! 

Us :) 
Oh and let me tell you, it was FREEZING!!! Hallelujah for the coat that I bought a week ago...

 I was so sad! We didn't get to go all the way to Crater Lake because the roads were icy and slippery and we didn't have chains :((
So we just started the drive back down the mountain.

We stopped at a cute little restaurant for lunch.
Seth and Hadassah Murphy:
We had so much fun with them!

Talking and eating!

The little gift shop across the street.

I'm keepin' it short and sweet this time, so I'm ending it here! :)
Sleep tight everyone! 


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