Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Traveling & Church with the Hearns!

Hi everyone! It's Nicole here to give you a quick (or maybe not so quick haha) update! First of all, let me let you all know that I know that I'm horrible at keeping up with this thing... so get over it. And I will too. We can all do this together! (Bethany) LOL :))
Hahaha love you Bethy.

Okay. So this past Saturday my dad and I started our trip up to the Oregon/Washington area. Just me and him! Sis. Mom and Bro. Austino had to stay with her parents to get some doctors appointments set up and done with.

The trip up to Oregon was pretty long... 8 hours! I was having a lot of fun, talking and controlling the radio, switching every few minutes from radio classics, to gospel/choir, then to the contemporary christian station, etc... And then in 5 minutes repeat that process. :D
LOL. I was having fun..... But turns out my traveling companion wasn't enjoying all this activity as much as I was! Several hours into the trip I made some comment like, "Isn't it good that I came along with you on this trip?? Just imagine! You would have been all by yourself on the road for 8 whole hours!" And his response? " Well my radio preferences would be different for sure!"
haha :))

My nicer companion.
HAHA just kidding :) My dad actually is the funnest person to travel with. I'm having a blast. :)

 Rattlesnake Mountain... the old Wakefield family legend is that one of our ancestors buried treasure on this mountain! Pretty neat huh? ...It'd be neater though if we actually found it! Hahaha.

On the road...

 Late in the evening we stopped at a gas station. My dad stepped into the restroom and I headed for the coffee machine. I grab my cup and look at the selections of coffee. There were like 6 options- Caramel Machiatto, Vanilla Cappuccino, Cinnamon something, etc... Well this one caught my attention!
"Hi-Rev Mocha Cappucino"
Well. That really grabbed me! Because I do not consider myself a wimp at all! Especially when it comes to coffee! :)) Haha!
Soo.... Which coffee did I pick? The "No wimps allowed" coffee!
I took it as a personal challenge to my 'non-wimpy-ness' LOL.

And my reward for my bravery?
Well... I press the button that dispenses the coffee into your cup... and I wasn't paying much attention to how fast my cup was filling up, and I saw that it was about to overflow so I go to pull my cup away from the stream of coffee, and I succeed in dumping a waterfall of steaming hot coffee onto the back of my right hand. Go Nicole. I think this was all just a test to see if I really wasn't a wimp because while all this suffering was endured with a straight face, 2 gas station employees were watching it all transpire. LOL.
That was the most painful thing that I have felt in quite a while. My hand turned all red...
So I had to resort to holding my hand against the window for the rest of the trip, till it mercifully went numb from the cold. Hahaha :))

The view on our way to church Sunday morning! It was beautiful. Snow everywhere.
It was actually snowing when I took this picture but you can't tell.

Brittany Hearn did a beautiful job singing.


Lunch time at Red Lobster... we love their biscuits...
But we have not been eating any gluten...

So all I could do was stare... LOL :))

 Altar call of the night service.

 Busted :)))
Love the look on her face! "...Hey!!!...."

This little girl is too cute not to post a pic ;) 

Theeee Brittany Hearn! ;P So nice to finally meet her.

 Visiting after church! These girls were sooo funny!


We had so much fun with the Hearns! Their church and church people are wonderful. The services were so so powerful. God moved in an awesome way.

Well, that's all for now people!
I'll try to keep ya'll updated in a more timely fashion in the future. ;P




Anonymous said...

Aww!! We just bought a big bag of dried cranberries too!! I looove them!!
I am sooo jealous that you guys get to see snow and that you got to meet the Hearns!
Good job on the update...keep it up, Nicole!!


~*Kimberly Ray said...

We had awesome church with you guys this last Sunday and it was nice meeting you =) You should follow my blog...This is Kimberly ;) Also wanted to say you did a great job singing Sunday night!!
Take Care ...

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