Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday in Redding!

Hello everyone! :)
Well, this past Sunday we traveled up to Redding to be with our friends the Bobo's, at their church. We had a wonderful time with them and their church people.
The following day we drove all around Redding and Anderson, since my dad spent much of his childhood there, and visited a bunch of my dad's old haunts.
It was absolutely beautiful up there.

Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Austin has this funny thing going on with his eye where it constantly waters! So he devised this little invention with his glasses and my dad's hanky. He's silly. :)

Here is Bro. Bobo teaching the morning lesson.

Missionary Wakefield preaching! ;P

After the service we visited for quite a while! It was nice to meet so many people that in the past were pastored by my grandparents and that have known my dad since he was practically in diapers! Haha :)
We also got to meet a couple, Adam and Karissa King. And I have no idea how I did not end up with a picture of them! Anyways, they got the blog address, so if you all are reading this, it was nice meeting you two. :)

Altar call! We were all praying when my dad was asked to come pray for this elderly lady (below) that they said spoke only Spanish. I watched as my dad went over to pray with her, and what I saw was so cute! Haha. I could see that he was trying to pray with her and explain everything to her, but by the look on her face it didn't look like anything was sinking in, because she was just too excited to be hearing someone speaking Spanish to her! Her face just lit up as my dad talked to her... so precious :)

I don't remember all of their names! :(
But the ladies on either side of me barely spoke English and were so excited that I spoke Spanish! Hahaha :)
The lady in the red did most of the talking, and was asking me a million questions, and also gave me a bit of marriage advice. ;P
She was hilarious.
The two elderly ladies were visiting with the lady in the red shirt's daughter on the far right.

This man right here is deaf and mute. He wanted to talk to my dad though, so he used a pad of paper and wrote down everthing.
I can't imagine having to do this whenever I wanted to say something! I'm sure it takes patience :)

We then left to go eat! We visited for a long, long time with the Bobo's and had so much fun!
So much fun I guess, that I came away with no pictures! :(

The next morning we packed up and headed out!
Here's silly Austin again! He collected all the hotel notepads and pens in our room. Hahaha! When we were leaving, we walked through the lobby and there was a big basket full of little notepads with the hotel logo one them and Austin's eyes got HUGE! He thought he had hit the jackpot! LOL. We restrained him though.... :)))

We got in the car, ready for the loooong trip home. (2 hours haha)
Austin immediately started doodling... He decided to draw me!
(I'm thinking uh-oh haha)
He looks at me I smile for him, and he starts scribbling away...

 Several minutes later, we have the finished product! Haha! The likeness is uncanny!

 My dad went to an old orchard that he and his friends used to play in when they were little.
My mom and I stayed in the car, because right in front there was a "No Trespassing" sign! No way were we going to go and get thrown into jail! Haha.
The boys had no worries though, and went and had a little fun walking through the orchard while my dad told Austin stories of his childhood. :)

It was a beautiful trip, and we had so much fun!
Hope your guys' weekend was awesome as well!

God bless :)



Kendra Thaler said...

Aw that's precious! I would love to meet Austin. He seems like a character! haha :))

Kathy McElhaney said...

Is it my imagination, or has Austin grown a whole bunch lately? He looks bigger!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Kendra~ He sure is a character!! :))) Sis.Mcelhaney~ NO!! It is not your imagination! LOL he is growing by leaps and bounds. I imagine he'll be as tall as me soon. :))

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