Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday with the Davies!

This past Sunday we were with the Davies. It was such an awesome service, and we had a wonderful time visiting with everyone.

Preaching in the morning service...

Beginning of the night service...
Powerful worship service!

Preaching for the night service...

After every service there's a line of people wanting to have their Bibles signed. 


The younger Davies' have the most adorable kids you will ever see! 
Oh my I fell in love! :))
This is their youngest daughter, Olivia.
She looks just like Bethany when she was this age!

Well! I'm flying out to LA in the morning, so it'll probably be a while till I'll blog again! 
I'll be having too much fun! :D
(And I won't have a camera so whats the use? Haha) 
So the responsibility is all on you Beth! :)))

Just a little update on my health-- 
I want to thank everyone for all of your prayers. I really appreciate them so much. God is listening! :) I'm feeling so much better! Little by little I'm getting better. 
I can't wait to have all of my doctor's appointments over with so I can get back to Mexico!! I miss it so so much. I miss my Gramma and Grampa, and Bethany, and my Tio and Tia and primo... I miss our church people... I miss Judah!! I miss our church services and worshiping and dancing with the other youth in our song services... I miss Lolita's cooking! And I miss my little Bible quizzers... 
Ay, I can't wait to get back!

Well, I need to get to sleep!
Hope you all have as wonderful a week that I'm going to have! ;P


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Anonymous said...

Tambien te extra├▒amos, cuando regreses te esperan unas enchiladas en mi casa!!!!! Te quiero mucho!!!!
Tia Hayde

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