Saturday, January 14, 2012

Animals & Outreach

Today we went on outreach and it seems everywhere we went there were animals! My grandparents do not have any animals so I think I've been a bit deprived! :)) However, by faith, they will be getting a bird and a dog SOON! (Heehee:)

The dog on the left peeking over the gate

Sis. Julia knocking on doors

Cats snoozing

A bull terrier!!!! 

The friendliest Rottweiler 

Mario, after we got done

And my favorite...a parrot!! 
She was whistling and making all kinds of noises...I loved it! 


Ash said...

OoOo I love the "Takis" Truck :D!

Dacia Loa said...

That looks just like the parrot that we used to have, a parrot that I couldn't stand because she was mean and made way too much noise in the morning. Fortunately, she died. But another fortunate thing was that I was in the U.S. when she died. See, if I had been in Mexico when she died I probably would've been accused of poisoning her with avocados. Gosh, not even I'm that cruel! HEHEHE! :D

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